Cryptoland $12 Million Bid to Buy a Fiji island For a Resort Fails

Cryptoland $12 million bid to buy a Fiji island for a resort fails. An agreement to purchase an island in Fiji for US$12 million. Which was intended to serve as a tropical haven for bitcoin enthusiasts. Has fallen through, according to the Financial Times. The project’s construction is now at risk as a result of the failure of the arrangement. These plans have been subjected to a tremendous quantity of negative feedback.

Max Olivier and Helena Lopez, who are in charge of an organization of crypto-evangelists. Planning to build a crypto-friendly island called Nananui-cake. Created a lavishly animated YouTube video to explain their plans. In which characters such as a wide-eyed crypto bro named Christopher. Arriving by helicopter and being guided around the island. By a talking coin named Connie appeared.

According to cached copies of the YouTube video, the island was positioned. As “an international hub for the community to come live, work. And have fun while enjoying a first-class crypto lifestyle,” with “a complete ecosystem. That represents the blossoming crypto space,” and as “a paradise created. By crypto enthusiasts for crypto enthusiasts.” The island was also positioned as “a paradise created by cryptoland $12 enthusiasts for crypto enthusiasts.”

Attractions that were planned included Cryptoland Bay, Crypto Beach. The House of Dao (a reference to decentralized autonomous organizations. A type of non-corporate structure promoted by crypto enthusiasts. As a viable alternative to corporations), and the members-only Vladimir Club. (A reference to people who own 0.01 percent of a given cryptocurrency. Another crypto inside joke).

Non-fungible tokens were to be sold to “Cryptolander Kings” at Cryptoland $12 Million

Additionally, 60 parcels of land on what the movie refers to as “the Blockchain Hills”. Were up for grabs (Nananu-i-cake has only one hill). These were to be sold to “Cryptolander Kings” through the use of non-fungible tokens. Which are one-of-a-kind tokens that are based on the same blockchain technology. That underpins cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin.

The initiative has compared to the now-defunct Fyre event. And the 18-minute video has met with scoffing on social media sites like Twitter.

It also sparked debate when the Cryptoland Twitter account responded to a question. About the island’s consent age with a now-deleted tweet that stated. “Mental maturity should be more than enough! ;)”.

In Fiji, the legal age of consent is 16 years old.

As a result of the fact that Cryptoland’s Twitter account controlled by various persons. Not all of them “spoke English as a first language,”. And because the query was regarding the age restrictions to visit the island. The company apologized, explaining that it was a mistake.

However, it appears that the initiative has encountered. A more significant stumbling block than negative PR. In an interview with Guardian Australia, the real estate agent who is selling Nananu-i-cake. Rick Kermode of New Zealand firm Bayleys, said that. A deal to sell the island to Cryptoland’s supporters had fallen through this week. And that the island was now back on the market.

We say it was under contract during that time

It was under contract during their contract period. But it has returned to the market, he added.

The 220ha (550-acre) Nananu-i-cake is located 1km off the northern shore of Viti Levu. Fiji’s biggest island.

In the listing, Kermode describes it as having “magnificent 360-degree vistas. Particularly to the west across Nananu-i-ra and the south Pacific Ocean”. With a jetty, five beaches, and a luxury villa (with pool).

Kermode said it was ideal for tourism development. Because it was on the island’s driest eastern side and was for sale freehold. Which is rare in Fiji.

The Covid-19 outbreak had hampered Fiji’s tourism growth, he added.

“It’ll definitely happen again, when tourism regenerates,” Kermode added. “Covid has been a major issue.”

Cryptoland’s project manager, Bradley Robinson, could not reach Olivier or Lopez.

Cryptoland developed the animated commercial extravaganza. Because “it’s the only way you can feel what Cryptoland is.” Olivier remark in an interview with crypto-evangelist Kyle Chasse on YouTube.

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