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Stella Rose

Ethereum’s founder opposes transferable governance.

Ethereum’s founder has been one of the most prominent figures in the cryptocurrency industry. As decentralized autonomous organizations or DAOs, gain more traction in the blockchain industry. The conversation surrounding blockchain governance becomes more heated. In a Twitter thread, Vitalik…

How do you evaluate NFTs?

Evaluate NFTs

Consider various factors such as ownership, utility, rarity, and social proof to evaluate NFTs. Recognizing the valuation matrix There is no manual to evaluate NFTs. The metrics you use to evaluate private companies or traditional investment vehicles such as stocks…

Belarus Seizes Millions in Cryptocurrency


Belarus seizes millions in cryptocurrency, a recent interview with the director of Belarus’ Investigative Committee showed that the country’s authorities. They had perfected the process of seizing cryptocurrencies like bitcoin and ether. A high-ranking official in the state’s law enforcement…