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Sappy Seals and NFT Communities Collaborate

Sappy Seals

Sappy Seals and NFT communities collaborate in ‘Pixelverse’ and take on giants. When it comes to the usual internet, where different companies. Are rather territorial of their users, collaborative efforts across websites.They are quite rare to come across. On the…

New Bitcoin Miner in North America After SPAC Vote

New Bitcoin Miner

New Bitcoin miner in North America after SPAC vote. One of North America’s largest Bitcoin miners has received clearance. From its shareholders to go public through a merger. With the special purpose acquisition business Power & Digital Infrastructure Acquisition Corp.…

Can DeFi Boost Dogecoin’s Price?

Can DeFi

Can DeFi boost Dogecoin’s price? In the wake of THORchain’s successful listing, Dogecoin is now available for purchase. On an unregulated decentralized exchange. As indicated by the fact that the listing has been successful. Market participants have been working on…

Angry Gamers Meet Crypto Enthusiasts

Angry Gamers

Angry Gamers Meet Crypto Enthusiasts. In recent years, Christian Lantz has become a devoted fan of the first-person shooter S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Which is set in a post-apocalyptic Ukraine and has become a cult classic. Thanks to its extensive role-playing experience. After…

Why GameFi Is The New Crypto

Why GameFi

Why GameFi Is The New Crypto? (and What Is It?). GameFi is one of the most talked-about projects in the cryptocurrency world right now. Its name refers to the combination of the old-fashioned pleasure of winning prizes. With new crypto…