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Crypto Exchanges Keep Getting Hacked

Crypto exchanges keep

Crypto exchanges keep getting hacked, and nothing can stop it. One of the largest heists occurred this month, when hackers got into a company account. And stole about $200 million from Bitmart. A cryptocurrency trading platform, according to the company. It…

Crypto Markets on Stimulus Money Decision

Crypto markets on stimulus

Crypto markets on stimulus money decision. Bitcoin, the most valuable cryptocurrency in terms of market capitalization. Surged past $49,000 on Wednesday after officials at the Federal Reserve of the United States. Approved the acceleration of the central bank’s plan. To…

Crypto’s Rapid Ride Increases Liquidity Concerns

Crypto's Rapid Ride

Crypto’s rapid ride increases liquidity concerns. For bitcoin investors, the first weekend of December was a miserable experience. Price declines in the biggest cryptocurrencies occurred as Friday night. Gave way to Saturday morning on Wall Street. With bitcoin shedding around…

The Crypto Heists are Developing

The Crypto Heists

The crypto heists are developing, here’s what you should know. Poly Network, a decentralized finance network that many people outside the crypto industry. Were unlikely to be familiar with, was hacked by an unnamed hacker during the summer. Stealing over…

Binance Cancels Singapore Crypto Plans

Binance Cancels Singapore Crypto

Binance cancels Singapore crypto plans. Regulators block Exchange’s plans to open in financial hub. This is the latest setback to Binance’s aspirations. To establish operations in a major financial hub. Singapur-based Binance Asia Services announced on Monday. That it would…