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Albania to Tax Crypto Income in 2023


Albania to tax crypto income in 2023. Albanian regulators are putting the last touches on legislation that. If in place, will make it possible to tax income and profits generated from cryptocurrency investments. After enacting the appropriate legislation that has…

New Crypto Investment Products Chase Yield

New Crypto Investment

New crypto investment products chase yield. In the midst of the market correction, cryptocurrency businesses. They are placing their bets on lending with yield products that provide consumers small annual returns on their funds.  At least when compared to the…

Crypto Payments: When the Tech Fades

Crypto Payments

Crypto Payments: When the tech fades to the background. When you discover that you are still in the early phases of a new industry. You will be able to tell because conferences are entirely focused to hardware and software. Rather…

Ethereum Solves a Fundamental Flaw

Ethereum Solves

Ethereum solves a fundamental flaw and beating Bitcoin. A behind-the-scenes change to the technology that underpins numerous cryptocurrencies. Including Ether, has brought the cryptocurrency industry one step closer. To addressing a major source of criticism. The environmental impact of cryptocurrencies.…

Crypto Helps Some in Afghanistan

Crypto Helps Some

Crypto helps some in Afghanistan. Arezo Akrimi pulls out her smartphone in the middle of a bazaar in western Afghanistan. And with a few taps of the screen. Exchanges some bitcoin for a large sum of actual cash. Akrimi, 19, is…