Users Point Out That The Discord Bot Allows Cryptocurrency Trading

Users point out that the Discord bot allows cryptocurrency trading. In response to customers’ concerns after discovering that their Bitcoin Discord bot. It was advertised with other bots on the network, among other things. The bot’s creators have responded.

As reported by Snowy, a Twitter user, the Carl-bot and FredBoat server bots. On the Discord server network were pushing another bot dubbed Piggy on the Discord server network. However, despite the fact that Piggy was initially featured. In the “playing a game” menu on both of the Discord bots. This has since been removed as of the time of writing.

It was a point of dispute for some users that the Piggy bot allowed currency. Gained through the activities it promotes on Discord to be exchanged for cryptocurrency. Which was a source of conflict for others. On the Piggy’s website. People can adopt a piggy and force them to battle other members of the server. In order to earn experience points and presents, according to the website. According to the website’s description. Users can also “collect as much Piggy Gold as they like. And exchange it for your chosen cryptocurrency.”

Following the public criticism over the Piggy Discord bot’s actions. The company has given an official response to the bot on their Twitter account.

Piggy became a member of the carlbot/yagpdb family more than a year ago. When he added to the carlbot/yagpdb dashboard as a sister bot. According to the post, which began by detailing how the cryptocurrency feature works. “The cryptocurrency option has been available for a long time.”

Users Point Out that It lets you convert in-game currency to crypto

You can withdraw your in-game currency into cryptocurrency. Which is what it does.” It carefully regulated, and it has anti-grind rate limits in place to prevent anyone. From using it for fraudulent purposes. Piggy does not mine cryptocurrency. Nor does it ask others to mine cryptocurrency on their behalf. It also does not encourage individuals to purchase cryptocurrency. “In addition, the in-game currency linked. To the US dollar at a fixed rate,” the article says.

In-game currencies are earned by playing these games, and if they install it. Piggy receives a portion of the cash, which it distributes to its customers. There are some restrictions. Such as the maximum amount a user can withdraw per month is $20. And the minimum amount a person can withdraw is $2 every month.”

According to a user who received a message from FredBoat on their phone. Piggy bills itself as the “first green play-to-earn” game on Discord. While also touting the opportunity to earn 1000 coins and begin playing immediately after registering. Additionally, users can purchase and sell piggies, breed them, and adopt numerous piggies. It is according to the same message.

After this article published, it appeared that the FredBoat website. No longer sends out a piggy notification.

Despite the fact that direct reference of Piggy appears to have removed. By the relevant bots, Bot Labs, the business behind Carl-bot and FredBoat. Among other bots, has Piggy listed alongside its other bots on its website.

Although the cryptocurrency angle and the Piggy bot not imposed on users. Many dissatisfied with the fact that these bots. Are now promoting a play-to-earn cryptocurrency scheme as a result of this.

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