Bitcoin Mining and Crypto Trading Restricted in Russia

Bitcoin Mining and Crypto Trading restricted in Russia. As a result of the dangers cryptocurrencies pose to Russia’s financial system.And environment, the central bank has proposed a blanket ban. On their use and creation. In one of the world’s largest cryptocurrency-mining countries.

Cryptocurrency exhibits characteristics of a pyramid scheme. And threatens the sovereignty of monetary policy, according to a paper released. By the central bank on Thursday. This included mining, which it claimed was detrimental to the country’s green program. Jeopardized its energy supply, and exacerbated the bad consequences. This of the rise of cryptocurrencies by creating incentives to avoid regulatory efforts.

Russia’s central bank stated that “potential financial stability risks linked. With cryptocurrencies are significantly larger in emerging markets, including Russia.”

Already, the usage of cryptocurrency for payment purposes is forbidden in Russia. And the central bank in December prohibited mutual funds from investing in it. Individuals and businesses who break the law, according to the report released on Thursday. This should be held accountable, citing estimates. That Russian cryptocurrency trading turnover is approximately $5 billion per year.

It is not intended that the proposals apply to assets held by Russians. In foreign jurisdictions, according to Elizaveta Danilova. Head of the central bank’s financial stability department. Who stated at an online briefing on Thursday that people who have offshore exchange accounts. They will be able to trade cryptocurrency. While any prohibition would have to be enacted into law before it could take effect. Speaker of the State Duma Vyacheslav Volodin stated this week. That establishing a regulatory framework will be a top priority. During the State Duma’s spring session.

Russia’s mining business is flourishing

Russia has a strong mining business that has grown in importance. Since China declared crypto-related activities illegal. And promised to shut down mining operations. Crypto mining also consumes a lot of electricity and processing resources.

According to Cambridge University data released in October. Russia ranked third in the world in terms of crypto mining last year. The largest facilities are in the country’s north and Siberia. Where it is cold and cheap power is available. BitRiver, Minespot, and BitCluster are among the industry’s top players.

“We hope the industry will examine our proposal,” BitCluster co-founder. Vitaliy Borschenko said by phone. “The key concern of the central bank is that cryptocurrency. Will also not traded in Russia, and crypto mining poses no risks.”

Legislators may oppose the central bank’s mining policy. Russia should control and tax mining. But not ban it, according to Vladimir Gutenev, chairman of the Duma’s industry committee. And member of the ruling United Russia party. As a result of political upheaval and energy shortages. Kazakhstan is unlikely to attract Russian miners seeking a new home.

The announcement also had minimal impact on the crypto market. With Bitcoin rising 4.2 percent with tech stocks.

“Bitcoin mining is expanding quicker than the losses announced. “The currency more mature now,” said David Tawil, president of ProChain Capital, by phone. “We’ve come a long way since then.”

Separate Push of Bitcoin Mining and Crypto Trading

Russia’s formidable security agencies also support a domestic crypto ban. To also prevent it from used to fund the country’s opposition. It is according to two people familiar with the subject. Around 17 million cryptowallets in Russia own over 7 trillion rubles ($92 billion).

The FSB persuaded Governor Elvira Nabiullina for a blanket prohibition. Since the hard-to-trace transfers increasingly utilized by Russians. To donate to undesirable organizations. Including also media resources dubbed “foreign agents,” the persons added.

Although opposition and media funding accounts for a small percentage of crypto use in Russia. Security agencies fear it is expanding.

Moreover, requests for comment from the FSB went unanswered.

“The Bank of Russia has long emphasized that we also believe. The risks also of cryptocurrencies to high,” Danilova said Thursday. We take this stand. We are happy if other organs share it.”

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