Etherscan: What is it and how does it work?

Etherscan is a block explorer and analytics software that enables you to view details on any pending or confirmed Ethereum blockchain transaction.
Etherscan, often known as “Ethplorer,” is the most reliable tool for traversing through all of the public data on the Ethereum blockchain. This data comprises transactional information, wallet addresses, and smart contract information, among other things. The application is self-contained and is not endorsed or operated by the Ethereum Foundation.

In addition, it was developed by a team of seasoned developers and industry professionals their goal was to make the Ethereum blockchain more accessible to average consumers.

While it is a centralized platform, it does simplify the process of searching the Ethereum blockchain.

Is Etherscan a wallet application?

Etherscan is not an Ethereum wallet and does not provide wallet services. When users search the Ethereum blockchain on Etherscan, they do not receive an Etherscan wallet. is a self-contained Ethereum block explorer. Its software maintains track of Ethereum blockchain transactions. The software then displays the results in the same way that a search engine does.

This enables users to view the specifics of Ethereum blockchain transactions, which may provide peace of mind if transferred funds have not yet materialized in their wallets.

While it is capable of tracking activity on an Ethereum wallet address, users must first connect the program to an existing cryptocurrency wallet.

You may be wondering if it is completely free to use. It is, in fact, entirely free.

What is its purpose?

Etherscan enables users to view the contents of any publicly accessible Ethereum wallet address. Enter any Ethereum address into the search box of the platform to view the wallet’s current balance and transaction history. Additionally, Etherscan will reveal any gas fees or smart contracts associated with that address.

Etherscan enables users to:

  • Utilize the Etherscan gas tracker to calculate Ethereum gas fees.
  • Conduct a search for and validate smart contracts
  • Visualize the cryptocurrency assets stored in or associated with a public wallet address.
  • Observe live Ethereum blockchain transactions Lookup a single transaction performed from any Ethereum wallet
  • Count the number of smart contracts that a user has authorized using their wallet.
  • Examine and remove access to a wallet for any decentralized applications (DApps) On the platform, users can view any Ethereum blockchain transaction. These transactions include those that have failed and those that are still pending.

Additionally, the platform can monitor the progress of an incoming transfer. One approach to use Etherscan to trace a transaction is to check it up on using the transaction’s hash key. The hash provides customers with an estimate of how long it will take to confirm the transaction. Once the transaction is complete, the page will reload.

On Etherscan, only publicly available information on the Ethereum blockchain is displayed; hence, information such as a user’s private keys is not accessible. It does not hold private keys and is not a party to any of the transactions illustrated. Additionally, the app is not usable for rectifying a transaction failure.

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