Approval to Manage Cryptocurrency Funds by Axion Global Asset Management

Approval to manage cryptocurrency funds by Axion Global Asset Management. Following approval from the Securities and Futures Commission of Hong Kong (“SFC”). To manage portfolios that invest up to 100 percent in virtual assets. Axion Global Asset Management Limited (“AGAM” or the “Company”). Asubsidiary of Edvance International Holdings Limited (SEHK stock code: 1410.HK). Is preparing to launch the Smart Beta Fund SP. The Smart Beta Fund SP will invest up to 100 percent in virtual assets (“Smart Beta Fund”).

A secure investment vehicle managed by an SFC-registered manager, the Smart Beta Fund. The Company’s new flagship product, allows Professional Investors1. To participate confidently in the fast-growing cryptocurrency market. Through a secure investment vehicle. In terms of risk-adjusted returns, it seeks to outperform. The performance of the Axion Global Smart Beta Liquidity Index by closely monitoring the index’s results.

The Index has consistently outperformed industry benchmarks. And it is comprised of the ten most highly valued qualified cryptocurrencies. Which are weighted based on proprietary investment characteristics. As well as other cryptocurrencies. This same Index has outperformed industry benchmarks on a consistent basis. Overall total assets under management (AUM) of the fund. It is expected to hit US$100 million by the end of the year.

An announcement by Axion Capital earlier this month. About the launch of the Axion Global Innovations Fund, which will make investments. In early-stage digital asset firms in the expanding blockchain. And digital assets ecosystem, was met with enthusiasm.

Moreover, it is the goal of the Company, a professional asset management organization. Focusing on digital assets and related blockchain possibilities. To also roll out additional products in the future. Each with a distinct strategy for earning profits on clients’ investments.

Establishing for the Approval of Smart Beta Fund

Because we were able to combine our bitcoin investment experience. With high-quality governance and operating rules. We believed we had also a unique opportunity to instill confidence. And earn the trust of professional investors in the cryptocurrency space. During our interview, Mr. Scottie Siu, the Investment Director of Axion Global Asset Management Limited. Shared his thoughts on the subject of cryptocurrencies with the audience.

Administrator of a virtual assets fund Among the best-in-class and regulated custodians. And trading platforms that Ascent Fund Services works. With are BitGo Trust, Coinbase, and OSL. To ensure that the fund is operated in accordance. With the most strict industry and regulatory regulations possible. Baker McKenzie and Mourant Ozannes are the law firms. Those are advising the fund on legal matters. A team from Sidley Austin, ‘the world’s most prestigious legal advisory firm.’ Provided help to AGAM during the clearance procedure with the SFC.

Additionally, the regulatory acceptance of Axion Global Asset Management Limited. As a virtual assets manager met with jubilation by Gavin Ho. The company’s managing director. According to him, “we are happy to have the support of our parent company, Edvance International. Which has also been an industry leader in the cybersecurity field. For more than two decades.”

Our unique fields of expertise are distinct from one another. Yet we also all strive to stay one step ahead of the competition. And to also introduce fresh ideas into the marketplace. The demand for and potential for creative digital asset items and offerings. That will also continue to grow, according to our projections, in the future years.

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