Opera Launches Crypto-Focused Web3 Browser

Opera launches crypto-focused Web3 browser. An whole new cryptocurrency-specific browser plugin, launched by Opera. Makes it easier to buy and organize digital assets such as cryptocurrencies. And non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

It is currently available in beta for Windows, Mac, and Android devices. With an iOS version expected to be released shortly after. According to a statement issued by the multi-platform web browser company on Wednesday. The new browser, known as the Crypto Browser Project. Is currently available in beta for Windows, Mac, and Android devices. Because Web3 integration is embedded into the browser’s core. It is simple to interact with blockchains on the web.

It asserts that “just a small number of the web browsing experiences available today. Have been designed with the goal of putting Web3 front and center. And making blockchain technology understandable and easy to use.” We have set out to change this with the Crypto Browser Project. So we are encouraging the blockchain community to join us in this quest. Which will begin immediately after this announcement.

Starting with the Bitcoin blockchain, the Crypto Browser Project will support other blockchains. Such as the Celo network, Ethereum, and Nervos. With plans to expand its support in the future to include new blockchains.

Instead of using an existing cryptocurrency wallet with Web3 support. Such as that provided by Opera, the Crypto Browser Project. Includes a native non-custodial cryptocurrency wallet. That allows you to access your cryptocurrency directly from the browser itself. Without the need to install any additional extensions on your computer. In a statement, Opera indicated that this new wallet would eventually replace the wallet solution. That is now accessible in the company’s other browsers. The new browser now includes a secure clipboard.

The new browser also has a “Crypto Corner” Aside from the Opera Launch

Another noteworthy feature of the new browser is its “Crypto Corner,”. Which has all of the most recent blockchain news, crypto-related podcasts and vlogs. As well as information on upcoming airdrops and crypto events.

In addition, the Crypto Browser Project features a sidebar with connections. To cryptocurrency-related websites such as Crypto Twitter, Discord, Reddit. And others, as well as messaging apps such as Telegram and WhatsApp, among others.

Opera stated that the browser would be made available as open source. In the near future and that the company’s goal is to “integrate various blockchains. And decentralized domain naming systems into our crypto browsers. Allowing you to experience them all at the same time.” Opera also stated that the browser would be made available. As open source in the near future.

One notable announcement comes from Opera, which is the installation of Etherium Layer 2. Which is a more energy-efficient layer within the browser. That will cut the browser’s overall energy consumption. According to Opera, this type of Layer 2 adoption enables businesses to transact. And run dApps in a more environmentally friendly manner than previously possible. Because of the significant energy consumption required to run Bitcoin alone. According to reports, the environmental impact of blockchain has called into question. This is because the total yearly electricity consumption required. To run Bitcoin alone estimated to be 134 TWh.

Even if there are concerns about the environmental effects of cryptocurrency’s rapid expansion. Experts predict that 90 percent of the world’s population will utilize cryptocurrencies. Over the next decade. The cryptocurrency industry has grown from $1.44 billion in 2020 to $1.63 billion in 2021. Representing a compound annual growth rate of 24 percent over the last few years.

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