Harmony Blockchain Powered by DeFi Kingdoms

Harmony blockchain powered by DeFi Kingdoms. A varied range of qualifying projects is required for blockchains to survive. In addition to a robust infrastructure. And Harmony is an example of a chain that includes. At least one extremely promising game as part of its ecosystem. In addition to a good infrastructure.

According to Footprint Analytics, the blockchain platform Harmony. Is now placed 21st in the TVL (Total Value List) for blockchains. During just one quarter, Harmony’s total value added (TVL) surged by 529 percent. Reaching $753 million as of December 26. This growth may be attributed in large part to the popularity of the GameFi project DeFi Kingdoms (or DFK). Which accounts for half of the company’s TVL.

Following the latest data from Blockstream, Harmony has outperformed. Both Ethereum and BSC when it comes to volume in the GameFi sector. uDring the previous seven days. As a result of their failure to outperform Harmony in terms of market value and liquidity. Ronin, an Ethereum sidechain developed particularly for Axie Infinity, and WAX. A gaming-focused chain also fell short of the goal.

Harmony: Fast out of the starting block

Aiming to build a highly scalable, secure, and low-energy chain. On the basis of a sharding design that is likewise low in energy consumption. Harmony launched its mainnet in June of this year and is now in development. 

After investigating how Harmony intends to address the challenges that prior projects. Have had while employing sharding technology in the past. Footprint Analytics came up with a recommendation. Will Harmony be the next chain to experience a tenfold increase in revenue?

The DFK project, which accounts for 98 percent of Harmony’s TVL. Is one of the company’s active GameFi projects. Along with Freyala and other titles.

While Axie Infinity, which has long served as the gold standard for GameFi projects. And was the first to introduce the play-to earn model into the industry. DFK has outperformed Axie Infinity in terms of volume. Over the past ten days, beginning on December 17. DFK has outperformed Axie Infinity in terms of revenue.

DeFi Kingdoms: What is it?

As part of its play-to-earn gaming model, this retro pixelated kingdom. Which was launched on the Harmony blockchain on August 23 as a play-to-earn game. Includes games, DEXs, liquidity pools, and NFT markets, all of which. Are based on the DfK token and all of which operate on the Harmony blockchain.

Ultimately, they hope to combine components of DeFi into a more enjoyable and synergistic game. That can be played like a game, with daily missions to complete. In order to increase prizes and collect rare NFTs, in addition to collecting uncommon NFTs. And that can played like a game, with daily missions to complete throughout. Order to increase prizes and collect rare NFTs, in addition to collecting uncommon NFTs. They hope to combine components of DeFi. Into a more enjoyable and synergistic game that

Right now, DFK players can visit a variety of locations, including also the Portal, the Docks. The Tavern, the Marketplace, the Gardens, the Bank, the Meditation Circle,. And the Wishing Well, among others. The Portal, the Docks, the Tavern, this same Marketplace, the Gardens, the Bank. The Meditation Circle, and the Wishing Well are just a few of the locations available.

Presently, DeFi-centric projects such as DFK, which place an especially strong emphasis. On the design of in-game apparel, are dominating the development scene. In the United States.

Players versus the environment (PvE), players versus players (PvP). And player versus player (PvP) are among the modules. That also the development team hopes to introduce in the future (PvP). Aside from lands and creatures, there are also other structures and equipment. To explore in the other exciting modules (Player versus Player).

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