The Power of a Global Community-Supported Exchange

The power of a global community-supported exchange. MoonXBT is a fledgling cryptocurrency exchange that was launched in May of 2021. With its unique social trading and copy trading capabilities. MoonXBT is growing in the global marketplace. In an interview with CoinDesk, MoonXBT COO George Lee. Stated that the exchange’s aim is aligned with his own. Which is not only to provide a better platform for global traders. But also to fuel and optimize the growth of cryptocurrency around the world.

In addition to holding a master’s degree in law, George is an expert in blockchain. And cryptocurrency legislation, and he has contributed to the development. Of a blockchain verification system for the food and beverage industry. To aid in anti-counterfeiting and product authentication efforts.

MoonXBT’s operations are now managed by George. Who is committed to increasing the interconnectivity of crypto users. Throughout the world while also making crypto more accessible to them. George is now in charge of the day-to-day operations of MoonXBT.

Cryptocurrencies make financial system safer

“To be completely honest, it is the financially troubled financial system. In which our planet today finds itself. I personally experienced all three of the world’s biggest financial crises. Including the 1997 Asian financial crisis, the 2008 banking crisis. And the economic recession caused by COVID-19. Which I describe in detail below. I feel that these terrible experiences have demonstrated that the centralised financial system. Lacks both security and long-term viability. And “George, a Malaysian national, shared his thoughts.

A well designed and accessible blockchain infrastructure backing. A widely accepted cryptocurrency, according to George. May hold the key to minimizing the effects of severe economic instability and volatility. “Because of the decentralised and transparent nature of cryptography. It will be the enabler of a fraud-proof, incorruptible. And safe financial system,” says the author.

George also pointed out that trading cryptocurrency is a great way for people. To get a better understanding of the cryptocurrency market. Because trading generally necessitates the study of a large amount of fundamental information. About cryptocurrency in order to be able to predict its price direction. Aside from making good gains during the learning process. Traders would eventually become more aware and future-ready. In connection to cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology in the long run.

Innovating and creating the power via interconnectedness

“MoonXBT promotes itself as a social trading platform not only in name. But also in substance,” George says, adding that interconnectedness. Can be utilized to spur innovation and creativity in a variety of fields.

Expert traders can leverage the platform’s capabilities, such as copy trading. And social trading, to establish themselves as market influencers. Together with copy traders and social activity among traders. It helps to build a stronger consensus and compel traders. To use cryptocurrency on the platform as well as in other scenarios. Which helps to accelerate the adoption of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

“I am pleased to say that our team is driven by a strong desire. To accelerate the expansion of cryptocurrency as a medium of exchange. And a store of value by increasing its liquidity. The community support that usually always received very immediately. Whenever a user has challenges on our site. Also leaves me feeling awestruck “George expressed himself.

Amid increased connection, MoonXBT is continuing to innovate and expects. To launch new projects such as Gamefi and DAO in the future quarters. As George envisions the future of MoonXBT. A more creative and engaging ecosystem will gradually built up on the platform.

Accessible global trading

“I helped develop and fine-tune the platform. I liked the platform’s basic and direct buttons and functionality. A crypto newbie could learn the principles of our platform in minutes.”

George, the operator of an easy-to-use exchange. Is working to improve trading indicators like a live order book and add more services. Like fiat-to-crypto. For automated trading of crypto, George believed it would be fantastic. To make the interface more friendly.

He also plans to collaborate with regulatory bodies worldwide to establish MoonXBT’s authenticity. “I believe this is critical to realizing our objective of accessible trading.”

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