The Biggest Podcaster Believes In Crypto

The biggest podcaster, Joe Rogan believes in crypto. According to the podcaster, cryptocurrency will either “break apart totally” or provide society. With an opportunity to develop a “better way to live our lives.” In a recent podcast interview, the controversial comedian. And commentator Joe Rogan stated that he “had a lot of faith”. For the future of cryptocurrencies.

In the 1,760th episode of his podcast, The Joe Rogan Experience, which aired on Saturday. Rogan spoke with fellow podcaster Adam Curry about the future of cryptocurrency. Despite Spotify’s attempts to restrict. Some of the most inflammatory episodes, Rogan’s podcast. Is expected to have 11 million listeners every episode, according to estimates.

Rogan, whose podcast surpassed all others to become the most popular on Spotify. In 2021, said the following:

The ship is either going to utterly implode or we’re going to utilize this as an opportunity. To right the ship and find a better way to live our lives,” says the captain.

The ship is either going to utterly implode or we’re going to utilize this as an opportunity. To right the ship and find a better way to live our lives,” says the captain.

Burke Curry hosts the conservative podcast No Agenda. Which has been condemned by the mainstream media and medical community. For propagating conspiracy theories. Burke Curry is a member of the Republican Party.

Curry explained that “there is a whole spate of young people who are just opting out. And they are moving to construct parallel systems and parallel networks.” Before concluding, “I’m on the Bitcoin train because I believe my money is safer there.” “I believe my money is safer there,” Curry concluded.

“The money system is in shambles. Because it is tied to oil, it produces inflation. It causes misery, and it causes conflict.”

Rogan’s metaverse vision

Also explored were the prospects for a “Silicon Valley-controlled” digital metaverse. As well as the potential function of nonfungible tokens in such a setting.

Rogan predicted a future in which firms develop their own digital tokens. Which customers will be required to spend in order to purchase the biggest products. As predicted by Rogan.

According to Rogan, “Apple could easily do that,” adding, “You would buy coins. And then you would use those coins to buy items… “It’s almost like a different form of stocks, if that makes sense.”

“That is not the idea,” says Curry, who believes big organizations and government. Will instead turn their attention to central bank digital currencies. As a result of this development.

“You will be provided with crypto. You will be in possession of a digital wallet. It will be delivered straight to you from the Federal Reserve. And there will be very little retail banking. It just won’t happen anymore,” says the author.

Despite the good assessment of cryptocurrency provided by the podcasters. Many members of the community remained suspicious. User u/thenudelman replied on a Reddit post to the r/Cryptocurrency topic, saying, “An endorsement from Captain Pseudoscience.” Honestly, I could have done without it.” He’s a fool,” said another user, u/Dubsy 101. Who went on to say, “and the last person we want affiliated with Crypto.”

Both Rogan and Curry have established themselves as highly divisive figures. In the cryptocurrency space and beyond. Rogan is well-known. For his outspoken opposition to “political correctness,”. And he has been chastised in the past for making racist, sexist. Even transphobic jokes on his podcast.

In July 2021, CashApp compensated Rogan for encouraging his listeners. To purchase Bitcoin (BTC), and in November. He accepted a $100,000 Bitcoin payout the biggest from the company.

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