Argentina Strike App Disallows Bitcoin

Argentina strike app disallows Bitcoin. In a recent announcement, it was revealed that the Lightning Network-powered software Strike will only support Tether’s USDT stablecoin in the country of Argentina. Only three days had passed since the company announced that it would be extending its operations in the country. A disturbing development has occurred in the Lightning Network’s recent history.

Consumers in Argentina have expressed dissatisfaction with the scheme, according to reports. Specifically stating that they are not permitted to purchase or sell. Alternatively, bitcoin can be maintained in the same way as users from other countries can.

Despite the fact that the corporation previously said that it will only support the cryptocurrency Tether. This information was not included in the press release published by the firm on Tuesday.

Following the company’s launch, Jack Mallers, the company’s CEO and founder, made a statement on Twitter. The business’s launch into Argentina will deliver “a superior financial experience,” according to the corporation. The company’s website states that they also provide Argentina’s people are in desperate need of optimism, according to the CEO of Strike. “We will leverage the world’s open monetary network, #Bitcoin,” he said. “Strike will take advantage of the #Bitcoin cryptocurrency. The most open monetary network on the planet.

The expansion of Strike’s activities into Argentina is part of a larger goal to broaden the company’s customer base. Strike is expanding throughout Latin America, which includes the growth of the company into Brazil. 

According to a press release issued by the corporation. Customers will be able to make remittance payments and collect bitcoin tips through the use of the social media platform Twitter. Additionally, the company’s peer-to-peer transaction services can utilized.

Argentina Strike App did not react to CoinDesk’s inquiries about tether usage

You can contact us if you have any questions about using tether (USDT) on the Strike platform. Please contact us at [email protected] if you are in Argentina. Despite several requests for response on Twitter and the company’s website. The company has not responded to any user complaints at the time of publishing.

According to users in Argentina, such as Nicolás. The program accepts Bitcoin payments as payment. According to a source who spoke with CoinDesk. Every coin promptly converted to USDT upon receipt. It was his claim that the Strike wallet contained only USDT that drew attention.

Adam, an Argentinean Strike user, claims that the software was define by certain features. This was a custodial wallet that limited to the use of tether. In accordance with the Ethereum ERC-20 standard. Adam also expressed his dissatisfaction with the app on Twitter.

There are on- and off-ramps in the program, according to Adam. That enable people to establish connections using cryptocurrency. For example, sending USDT and receiving bitcoin over the Lightning Network are both possible.

Nicolas stated that he was successful in obtaining bitcoin. As a result of his efforts following the transfer of funds. According to him, the money transferred. From his Strike wallet to an exchange in Argentina.

Luis David Esparragoza is a journalist who writes for the Spanish-language magazine Criptonoticias. Strike responded to Nicolás by stating that it sends tether, not bitcoin. To Bittrex as a form of payment. A cryptocurrency exchange that both keeps and transmits. The money is define as follows: That Strike obtains as a result of its customers’ purchases.

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