Ateo Announces Crypto Exchange Gateways

Ateo announces crypto exchange gateways, yield and custodian platforms. As a result of the addition of connectivity to several cryptocurrency exchanges. Yield and custodial platforms to its already extensive offering, ATEO. It is an industry-leading provider of post-trade solutions for the financial markets. Has significantly expanded its reach. ATEO is a global leader in the provision of post-trade solutions for the financial services industry.

In light of the increased interest in cryptocurrencies and digital assets. The perspectives of financial institutions toward strategically important financial assets. Are shifting as they attempt to incorporate cryptocurrencies and digital assets. Into their investment portfolios, according to the Financial Times.

As part of its ongoing effort to assist financial institutions in connecting. To the plethora of cryptocurrency platforms and exchanges that are now available. ATEO is expanding its network of gateways. Which connect consumers to the cryptocurrency eco-system, in order to assist them.

The cryptocurrency exchange ATEO has established connections. With the FTX and Binance cryptocurrency exchanges, and is now able to provide. Connectivity with Coinbase & Coinbase Pro, Kraken, and Liquid. In addition to the exchanges that are previously mentioned on the website.

In order to provide a more thorough overview of the cryptocurrency market. ATEO has established relationships with Yield Decentralized Platforms. Such as AAVE and COMPOUND as a next step toward. Providing a more comprehensive solution.

Ateo’s Ateo Connect service also makes it possible to communicate. With the platform since it creates a connection with the custodial platform Fireblocks.

We are able to capture and store all events in a single location. By utilizing a standardized application programming interface (API). Which is embedded into our new digital gateways.

This one API covers all Crypto exchanges

All of the protocols, complexity, and limits associated with cryptocurrency exchanges. Yield platforms, and custody APIs are contained into a single API. In addition, the API provides a standardized trade feed output. As well as static referential data and any client mappings. That may be necessary in certain situations. Consequently, all of the client’s downstream systems (Risk, Back-Office, Middle-Office, proprietary, etc.). May now be fed from a single point of entry.

Businesses can concentrate on what they do best with a unique data stream. And the ability to concentrate on their core business and added-value operations. While leveraging Ateo’s knowledge of the cryptocurrency industry. And the ability to concentrate on their core business and added-value operations.

Additionally, the ATEO Research and Development Department is hard at work. Developing a new set of solutions to manage all of the new opportunities. Given by the crypto currency world, on top of continuing. To extend the number of ATEO digital gateways that we serve.


ATEO is a provider of post-trade solutions for the financial services industry. It was founded in 1999. In addition to global blottering. Clearing and matching systems, and complete market connection. Our systems also provide the following features. Because of this, the world’s largest banks, trading houses, and professional trader. Have depended on ATEO technology to conduct their business since our founding in 2000.

In terms of efficiency and dependability, ATEO offers the best of both worlds. Our extensive industry knowledge. Along with cutting-edge technologies and an unrivaled sense of service. Enables us to support our customers in the growth. And development of their respective enterprises.

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