Bogdanoffs, Crypto Memes’ Inspiration

Bogdanoffs, Crypto Memes’ Inspiration. It was recently announced that Igor and Grichka. The very recognizable twin science television double-act. Had died as a result of problems associated to COVID-19. Who will be the one to dispose of my belongings now? Last night, it was revealed that Igor Bogdanoff, the twin brother of Grichka. Who died as a result of complications from the coronavirus, just six days after his brother died. Inexpectedly from the same sickness. In addition to their flamboyance, absurd scientific theories, and massive cheekbones. These two were considered to be the face of the bitcoin day trader. Which they were to some extent.

Innumerable memes have been create to memorialize the twins. Who descended from European royalty and are prominent personalities in popular science. In the token market, it widely believed that Igor and Grichka. Were responsible for the huge price swings. And that they were somehow always on the other side of the trade.

In a statement to The Sun, Igor Bogdanoff’s estate stated that he “passed into the light on Monday. January 3, 2022, accompanied by his children and his family.” Bogdanoff died in “peace and love,” according to the estate. “RIP Grichka Bogdanoff. No wonder everything is dumping,” one Twitter user remarked. Referring to a famous inside joke among traders at the time of writing.

The Bogdanoffs have been a part of the cryptocurrency family since at least 2017,. Rising to popularity in particular during the heyday of the initial coin offering (ICO) boom. Famous across the internet for their odd appearance. Their virtually similar brunette quaffs, square jaws, and faces that appeared. To have Botoxed or plastic (or both. Crypto traders were elevate to the status of legendary people.

In 2018, Bogdanoffs Bizonacci teased the joke in a minute-long video

The protagonist of one meme, Grichka, holds an iPhone up to his chiseled face. And instructs some magisterial figure who has the ability. To alter cryptocurrency values to “pump” or “dump.” (Also known as “pomp” or “domp”) the market. After teasing the joke with a minute-long movie, “He Bought,”. Uploaded to YouTube by Bizonacci in 2018, the video depicted a wojack (Those black-lined drawings of the average internet user.) Being driven insane by the Bogdanoffs’ countertrading.

You should never take a meme too seriously, but if there’s a deeper message here,. It may be the acknowledgement that cryptocurrency is fundamentally speculative. Which would be a significant step forward. A reference to major bagholders — early investors, project insiders. Who wield disproportionate power in the cryptocurrency markets is possible. Self-referential and a tad mean-spirited, but everything done in good humor.

On some occasions, it appeared as though the Bogdanoffs were trolls themselves. They were at the very least aware of their status as internet memes. According to the twins, who appeared on the French television show “Non Stop People” in July. The image of Grichka has been download more than “1.3 billion times” . And has placed in “all blockchains 2010 and 2012.” In the same interview, the twins claimed to have former coworkers of Satoshi Nakamoto. The pseudonymous man widely credited with establishing Bitcoin. And they even claimed to have made contributions. To the network’s development, according to the report.

“It is most likely Nakamoto who created the circulate,” Igor Bogdanoff remarked. According to the website Decrypt.

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