Play to Earn Crypto Game On Algorand Blockchain

Play to Earn crypto game on Algorand Blockchain. Consider the following scenario: you’re playing Mario Kart’s Rainbow Road race on a conventional Nintendo console. But you’re not sitting on your living room couch. Instead, you’re in the middle of a future city in the middle of the night. The sky is ablaze with neon lights, but they are not caused by fireworks or big buildings. But rather by bubblegum-colored drones that are flying about above your head. Essentially, you play the role of Harrison Ford in the 1982 sci-fi classic Blade Runner.

For the 12 professional drone pilots that raced in the Drone Racing League’s Christmas Day 2021 tournament. It was their first hands-on experience with a drone in a real-world setting. There were thousands of live spectators in Las Vegas to cheer on the 12 competitors. All of whom were male and mostly between the ages of 18 and 30. They were also streamed by 20 million fans on Twitter and watched by millions more on NBC. Which has the television rights to the DRL, which is currently in its sixth season.

“It’s very different from regular stick-and-ball sports.” We are propelled forward by technological advancements. DRL’s worldwide president, Rachel Jacobson, previously worked for the National Basketball Association. Which is a “stick-and-ball sport.” “Our race courses are like a real-world computer game come to life,” Jacobson said.

The Drone Race League’s “driven by technology” component is now adopting cryptocurrency as well. In today’s announcement, the Drone Race League established a cooperation. With Algorand, an open-source blockchain platform, to develop a virtual version of the Drone Race League. The cryptocurrency required to use Algorand, called ALGO. Has a market capitalization of $11.1 billion at the time of writing.

The new game may bring DRL to a nascent virtual reality internet

In part, Hivemind Capital Partners, a $1.5 billion cryptocurrency investment fund. Launched in November 2021 by Matt Zhang, a former Citi executive on Wall Street,. It is funding the new game, which has the potential to bring DRL. To a nascent virtual reality version of the internet known as the metaverse.

To do this, play-to-earn incentives, such as non-fungible tokens (NFTs). Which may be utilized in-game or traded on secondary markets outside of the game. These are employed to attract new players. The digital assets that can be won online through play-to-earn gaming. In the instance of DRL might include digital racing drones or a new pair of digital clothes. To name a few examples.

For example, in traditional video games like as Electronic Arts’ soccer game FIFA. A digital asset – such as a Lionel Messi player card acquired in FIFA 19. Cannot be transferred to FIFA 20, or any subsequent iterations of that product. A centralized corporation (often the game’s developers). Has control over traditional video games, and the games are exclusive to that firm. Therefore, you were unable to use your FIFA 19 Messi playing card. Outside of the Electronic Arts-owned game.

If we consider DRL’s drone racing game on the Algorand blockchain. The crypto-based play-to-earn assets might conceivably be moved out of the game. Through the metaverse or traded for cryptocurrencies. Such as Algorand’s own ALGO token, on secondary markets.

To replace Ethereum as the main Play to Earn blockchain home, Algorand

Algorand, like Solana or Cardano, wants to supersede Ethereum. As the future’s principal blockchain home for decentralized programs (dApps). DeFI projects, and crypto-native games (or, in crypto-speak, the metaverse).

In recent months, proof-of-stake cryptocurrencies have outperformed their proof-of-work (mining) counterparts. While Solana gained $46.4 billion in six months, . Pssing nine competing cryptocurrencies to rank #5 overall. Dogecoin, which mined similarly to Bitcoin, lost $1.3 billion and fell eight positions.

The fact that Algorand uses less energy than Ethereum (another PoW network). During consensus could be a selling advantage for Drone Racing League’s Gen-Z target audience. The blockchain claims to be “carbon-neutral” because it is a pure PoS network.

With a market cap of roughly $ 11 billion, Algorand’s ALGO token. It is the 18th most valuable cryptocurrency according to Forbes. Unlike the world’s two most popular cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin and Ethereum. Algorand is a pure proof-of-stake (PoS) network, requiring far less energy.

Environmentalists and regulatory authorities have increased pressure on the PoW system in 2021. The 123.02 terawatt-hours (TW/h) consumed annually by Bitcoin miners is equal to the entire energy. Utilized in Argentina, Colombia, Norway, Sweden, and Ukraine in Play to Earn Crypto.

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