Maricoin Is a New Crypto Currency Making An Impact

Maricoin is a new crypto currency making an impact, aims to change the world with its message. This cryptocurrency, known as Maricoin, was developed. With the objective of making the world a better place for LGBTQ+ individuals. In accordance with the corporation, the launching of Maricoin. A cryptocurrency with a new name that was inspired by an anti-homophobic insult in Spanish. Took place on Friday. This cryptocurrency, known as Maricoin, was developed. With the objective of making the world a better place for LGBTQ+ individuals. Ten businesses in Chueca, a gay and lesbian enclave in Madrid. Took part in a week-long trial test of the cryptocurrency Bitcoin.

As reported by Reuters, the cryptocurrency’s developers plan to begin trading the cryptocurrency. In the first quarter of next year, if all goes well. It is planned to use the money in order to enable payment at LGBT-friendly businesses. And events all around the world.

Why shouldn’t our community benefit from this movement, rather than banks, insurance companies. And other huge institutions that have a history of discrimination towards LGBT+ people? According to the author. According to the news agency, Juan Belmonte. One of the company’s co-founders,

Investing in the cryptocurrency Maricoin has made by Borderless Capital. A venture capital firm based in Miami. When asked how many people had signed up. For the currency’s waiting list, the CEO of the company stated that 8000 people had had done. So before the money was even available for trading. By the end of the year, they intend to have the LGBTQ+ currency accepted. As payment in all restaurants, cafes, shops, and hotels across the country. That the founders have signed a “equality manifesto,”.

The map will show the locations that accept our coin

Our map, which will act as an LGBTI travel guide for anybody traveling to any place in the world. Will include a list of the establishments that accept our coin. And this list will be available for anyone to view. “If they violate one or more of the points of our anti-discrimination manifesto. For example, by firing a pregnant woman because of her pregnancy. They will barred from participating in the cryptocurrency,” Alvarez continued.

As previously unknown, Alvarez also revealed that the Maricoin would have its own vernacular. Which will used to communicate with users. The term “transfer” will used to refer to the transfer of money between users in this context.

The cash will enable us to grant microcredits to those who wish. To operate a modest LGBTI-friendly cafe in Colombia. As well as support projects that assist homosexual refugees escaping countries. Where they might otherwise stoned to death.” In addition, “we’re looking forward to making a difference around the world,” he said.

When asked about the inspiration for establishing a cryptocurrency for LGBTQ+ persons.  Juan Belmonte revealed that it came to him while he was out celebrating with his friends. At Madrid’s pride celebration. Moreover, he motivated to create a cryptocurrency for queer people. Because of the discriminatory treatment that members of the LGBTQ community had endured. A series of incidents of this sort convinced him that he “had to do something”. To help the LGBT+ community, and he set out to do so.

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