NFT Game Alien Worlds has nearly 760K users

Numerous members of the gaming industry have expressed their belief that NFT and/or blockchain games are the gaming industry’s future. It is clear that while the NFT games segment is young, its potential is enormous. According to Safe Betting Sites’ data, Alien Worlds had the most players among games in the 30 days prior to October 21st, 2021.

Play-to-earn games have gained popularity recently, and many, including Electronic Arts CEO Andrew Wilson, believe they are the future of gaming. Players must pay an upfront fee, usually in the form of cryptocurrency, to gain access to a game’s unique in-game items collection. A player can earn money by selling digital items to other players.

Another common feature of NFT games is that players contribute to the game’s development. Because players have a monetary investment in the game, its value grows over time. This transforms players into direct stakeholders in the game, as opposed to their more traditional role as users.

Alien Worlds has nearly 760K users.

NFT, un investitore spiega perché spendere 170.000 dollari per un'immagine

The segment is still in its infancy and has yet to break through to the mainstream, with numerous uncertainties remaining. Nonetheless, the industry sees the segment’s potential, and early NFT titles have impressive user counts. As of October 21, 2021, the top ten NFT games, as measured by player count over the previous 30 days, had a combined user base of more than 3 million, with Alien Worlds from the WAX blockchain leading the pack with 759,600 users.

The number of users determined by the number of unique wallets that demonstrated any type of interaction with the games’ smart contracts. Axie Infinity, a popular game that frequently topped the list in previous periods, fell to second place with 602,210 recorded users during the same 30-day period prior to October 21.

Early on, Binance Smart Chain Dominates NFT Gaming

Each NFT game has its own blockchain, and none is more popular than the Binance Smart Chain (BSC.) In the booming NFT gaming sector, BSC is the most widely used blockchain, trailing only Etherum.

14 of the top 26 NFT games have at least 10,000 users on the BSC. With 187,940 users, MOBOX: NFT Farmer is the fifth most popular NFT game on the BSC.

“Despite its youth, gaming is already establishing a reputation as the gaming industry’s next big thing. The segment’s popular ‘play-to-earn’ model provides limitless opportunities, which has industry insiders excited about the segment’s future. The question of whether NFT gaming will eventually supplant mobile gaming as the industry’s dominant force appears to be a matter of when rather than if “eSports editor at Safe Betting Sites, Robert Pascal, stated.

NFT game Alien Worlds records almost 760K users | App Developer Magazine

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