Cryptogodz NFT Game All About

CryptoGodz is a newer play-to-earn game gaining popularity on social media. While the game itself hasn’t been released yet, the recent gameplay reveal on the game’s Discord server has sparked massive interest. But, before you get caught up in the hype, know what you’re getting into. After all, you’ll be investing money in this win-win game. So we wrote this article to teach you about CryptoGodz.

CryptoGodz More About

CryptoGodz is an NFT game. It is inspired by the MOBA game Dota 2, but does not use any of Valve’s gameplay elements. Not yet. Players create or buy NFT characters called Sentz to fight for GODZ, the game’s crypto token.

CryptoGodz’s current gameplay is simple. Guardians can transmute Godz Stones to awaken the slumbering Sentz. They can then use Sentz for a limited amount of Will Power (WP) against Umbras. The main way to earn GODZ in this game is by defeating the Umbras. Players can also earn by awakening more stones, fighting in Sentz Duels (PvP), opening treasure chests for more Stones, Tokens, and Items, and farming for Trinity Keys.

The game is about collecting Sentz (NFT characters). The Sentz tiers are Ancient (50 – 95 WP) to Immortal (324 – 369 WP). The WP of a Sentz determines its rarity among Awakened Stones. Rare Sentz will thus fetch more GODZ in the market.

How do you fight Umbras and other Sentz? Everything is based on a die. The harder it is, the stronger the Umbra. The stronger the Umbra, the more GODZ a player can earn by defeating it. However, beating one is less likely.

Currently a browser-based game with RNG-based battles, CryptoGodz’s developers plan to turn it into an MMORPG later. Treasure Chests, Sentz Morphing, Sentz Item Merging, and GODZ Staking are upcoming updates for CryptoGodz Phase 2. After Phase 3, the team will work on the game’s MOBA development, with the goal of bringing it to esports in the future.

What is CryptoGodz?

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It Strive is now in development. This is the CryptoGodz MOBA game. On December 19, 2021, an early build was released. The game has yet to be released.

It Strive accepts the original CryptoGodz crypto coins and NFTs. But the developers haven’t specified how CryptoGodz Strive will be implemented or tokenized.

Who are CryptoGodz?

The CryptoGodz development team includes “businessmen, elite professionals, and hard-core gamers,” according to the white paper. The team has prior gaming and NFT experience. Unlike other NFT games, CryptoGodz’s creators hope to make it a fully engaging game in the future. CryptoGodz intends to make the game a MOBA, like its inspiration Dota 2.

Nick Peroni founded CryptoGodz. Peroni previously worked in e-commerce and dropshipping. He founded Ecom Empire in America. The game’s development team is mostly from Singapore, Indonesia, and the Philippines.

How to Play?

Players will need a Binance account, a MetaMask wallet, and some spare cash to play CryptoGodz. Never invest money you can’t afford to lose. A browser-based game, it can be played on any device that can run a browser game and supports MetaMask.

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