NFT New Hyper-Gaming Platform

The gaming industry appears to be humming with activity, particularly with new NFT-based projects emerging almost daily.

This new platform bills itself as the world’s first “hypercasual” play-to-earn gaming platform to offer cryptocurrency rewards.

WAM is already a fully functional product that is available for testing. Additionally, the project has attracted an experienced team of investors with expertise in the gaming and blockchain industries.

In the future, WAM users will be able to create their own games using their phones and AI-assisted technology. Additionally, WAM NFT owners will gain access to some extremely exclusive tournaments.

Unlocking the potential for NFTs with a new hyper-gaming platform

WAM launched as a public beta in February 2021 and quickly grew to over 2.5 million players in less than two months, with 10,000 player tournaments and over 3.5 million players by November 2021. Following the initial success, the creators decided to develop a mobile application, which downloaded over 180,000 times.

On the, as a player wins, their in-platform rank increases, similar to how it works in real-world competitive sports. Once a player achieves a higher rank, they are eligible to participate in more lucrative tournaments with higher entry fees and prize pools.

Each tournament has a prize pool to which contributes a fixed number of WAM coins for each player who pays the entry fee. At the conclusion of the tournament, a percentage of the top players rewarded algorithmically based on their score and ranking.

NFT Achievements

The was named a Finalist in this year’s Mobile Games Awards, joining an impressive list of nominees that included Niantic and Huawei. Beta testing has lasted nearly a year (with 3.5 million players having experienced the WAM ecosystem so far).

The founders and creators are optimistic about the project’s prospects.

“We’re building the world’s first crypto-adoption engine: a play-to-earn platform for hyper-casual gaming. As humans, we discovered that learning through play is the quickest way to acquire knowledge while having fun. Additionally, you rewarded for your progress. It’s quite remarkable! WAM is leading the way as the paradigm shifts. No more advertisements, no more squandered time, and no more reliance on third parties. There is nothing but you and your abilities. Allow me to WAM.”

Unlocking the potential for NFTs with a new hyper-gaming platform (

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