Monstropoly: the blockchain-based e-sports game

A blockchain-based e-sports game, Monstropoly allows players to become awesome warriors, ally with friends, build formidable teams, battle other warriors and earn money using their skills.

The game’s private token sale just sold out, and the team is preparing to launch its first DEX offering (IDO).


Monstropoly is a MOBA play-to-earn game set in an immersive world full of impressive monsters and radical weaponry.

For exhibiting monsters, interacting with your squad and other players, and participating in an ever-growing range of community activities, Monstropoly features a virtual reality (VR) web client.

The game’s atmospheric monster lore blends the best of the NFT and metaverse worlds, delivering a charming fantasy world that explored. The universe is young, but already brimming with magical aspects.

Monstropoly players have one goal: improve their game outcomes to earn more prizes. Players master gameplay to improve weaponry and gather items. Tokens used to participate in project leadership, vote on project direction, and access high-level decentralized finance (DeFi) utilities.

In addition to creating mini-games that incorporate user NFTs, Monstropoly’s unique metaverse web client enables players to connect on a deeper level.

Monstropoly E-sports fundamentals

Satoshi’s Games launches Monstropoly, the highly anticipated blockchain-based e-sports play-to-earn game

In the metaverse-enabled metaverse of Monstropoly’s unified P2E environment, players can encounter and battle monsters from all over the world.

Also, Monstropoly is a thrilling mobile and PC shooter with PvE and PvP (solo and team deathmatch) modes. Daily missions, achievements, and leaderboards will all reward players for frequent play.

Moreover, the GameFi NFT platform from Monstropoly uses the powerful Elixir engine to enable staking and yield farming. Therefore, this creates a lively market for trading in-game items and NFT/crypto holdings.


MPOLY and MPGLD are utility tokens in Monstropoly.

Players can use MPOLY to buy NFTs and MPGLD game tokens, as well as participate in decision-making processes as the Monstropoly team welcomes its valued community.

Moreover, players can use MPGLD to buy in-game items and earn gaming rewards.


Players assemble monsters using body, eyes, mouth, ears, headgear, hands, and accessories. The result is a swarm of adorable low-poly Monsters ready to win wars and break hearts alike.

The stats of an NFT limited by its Rarity, and players can increase their NFT Rarity to create the most powerful warrior.

Minting a Monstropoly NFT creates a unique character with a unique skillset and random stats.

Also, players can level up their warriors’ stats and rarity by playing well and using MPGLD resources wisely.

While skilled low Rarity warriors with appropriate weapons can outperform higher Rarity warriors, there is a clear correlation between Rarity and Stats. Moreover, Monstropoly rewards only the most dedicated and intelligent players.


A $10,000 MPOLY token being given away to new community members who join the Monstropoly Telegram group.

Moreover, the token giveaway will end on December 31, 2021, and only 1,000 users will be chosen at random.


Also, Mr. Roldan added, “We are truly excited to welcome players to Monstropoly, which marks the start of an incredible new cross-chain approach with limitless potential. Moreover, it combines the best of both the gaming and crypto worlds.

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