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Play-to-Earn is a new gaming concept where players earn tokens and NFTs by playing games. Using blockchain technology, players can invest in assets and use them in games and beyond.

In-game purchases and character upgrades are nothing new in video games. Previously, a player could buy a great sword for his character but only use it in game. A sword is not an asset, and there was no designated area for such transactions.

But now, with the advent of play-to-earn and GameFi, everything has changed.

PLAY AND EARN WITH SIDUS HEROES! Players own all items purchased and gained during the game and can trade or stake them to profit.


Modernity is bringing cryptography and blockchain into the mainstream.

In SIDUS HEROES, they can experience intergalactic adventures and robberies, merciless battles with other players, powerful legions, lobbying for political causes, trading items in the inter-galaxy bazaar, creating new characters with unique characteristics, and a loyal animal companion. And all this with a rush of adrenaline, excitement, and victory.

You play against real-life opponents worldwide.

The collection NFTs grant holders access to the game’s beta version. The SIDUS Heroes collection has 6,000 unique characters, but the player count is not.

The project plans to release the Academy collection as well as the Genesis collection.

There are 12 tech-based races in the game. They each represent a blockchain.

Users can upgrade their characters on their own, but larger missions like building a spaceship or colonizing a neutral planet will require cooperation with other players and races.

Play to Earn SIDUS Trade

The project’s tokens deeply embedded into game processes and play a substantial role in it.

The game’s mechanics imply three economic cycles:

Selling or buying any in-game NFT requires SIDUS and SENATE tokens. Only SENATE tokens can buy in-game land plots, modules, and spaceships.

SENATE tokens used to manage Metaverse work and development. The holder votes and directs the platforms’ development. The voting weight determined by the owner’s SENATE tokens.

The SIDUS token is used to create and improve the Heroes NFT and pay platform transaction fees. Due to deflationary processes, players are encouraged to keep tokens in their wallets.

Each object in the game is an NFT that can be sold or bought in the marketplace.

SIDUS Technologies

In SIDUS, players own their digital identities and collectibles. Also, the blockchain ensures platform decentralization and user participation in project development. It also allows for secure asset trading, storage, and transfer.

NFT verifies the user owns in-game items. This data is irreversibly stored on the blockchain and cannot be altered or revoked.

Moreover, a traditional video game, where all identities and equipment are recorded on a single company database, does not offer these benefits, leaving players more vulnerable. Rather, blockchain allows for safe transactions and earnings.

In the game’s technology, WebGL is vital.

WebGL makes the game available in one click without installing an app on a phone or a plug-in on a computer, or buying extra equipment like a console. SIDUS HEROES requires no additional fees.

Moreover, WebGL allows running a game in a web browser without specific device, OS, or browser requirements. As a result, anyone can play. It also allows for quick updates and modifications.

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