GameFi: Cryptoverse’s New Golden Child

Following DeFi and NFTs, GameFi is the next big thing in blockchain. GameFi has grown in popularity not only within the blockchain community, but also in the gaming and finance industries.

Play-to-earn models, as opposed to traditional “pay-to-win” models, are changing the gaming industry.

Traditionally, you pay for a game advantage like equipment or powers. Play-to-earn games promise players financial gain by rewarding them with real-world assets while providing a variety of appealing activities.

The new cryptocurrency supporters are young, and many are gamers. GameFi seems like the next step in blockchain development. Character cards are seized and landed in games as NFTs. No more counterfeiting or restricted access to your own gaming assets with public blockchains. Blockchain facilitates asset ownership verification and transfer. DeFi features like staking are carried over to GameFi. In exchange for storing tokens, users can earn a yearly interest or secret

Gain experience and earn blockchain secured tokens that game developers cannot take away. With the advent of blockchain technology, this is not only a possibility, but already a reality.

LBank Creates GameFi Fund

Recognizing the potential of this field, LBank is funding GameFi projects.

One of the leading cryptocurrency exchange platforms for new projects, LBank. Following DeFi and NFT, LBank is now targeting the GameFi community. The platform has created a GameFi fund to help early-stage projects gain traction in the blockchain space. Many LBank projects have already gained traction. So, who did well?

GameFi LBank Projects


Star Atlas aims to provide a multi-genre, immersive metaverse gaming experience with the ability to earn virtual goods that can be exchanged for real-world currency. It runs on Solana. Moreover, ATLAS was trading at $0.078 at the time of launch, with a maximum gain of 1,282,000%.


It’s a sci-fi NFT game where you can earn Workers and Spaceships to travel the universe in search of $ETERNAL. It uses Binance Smart Chain. It also started at $40 in LBank and has since gained 12,400%.


The ILV token is the primary currency in the Illuvium ecosystem. It allows players to participate in the game’s governance via the Illuvium decentralized autonomous organization and access their Illuvium Vault (DAO). LBank listed it on March 20th. It started at around $15 and has since risen 9900%.


Participate in Axie Infinity, a blockchain-based trading and battle game. It’s a Pokémon-inspired fighting game where players can breed and train Axies to battle other players. Moreover, AXS was the first coin to capitalize on the gaming asset craze. It started at $2 and has since risen by 8300 percent.

GameFi Future

The potential for financial freedom is what sets GameFi apart. Instead of gaming and letting game developers take your money, blockchain pays users for their time. Tokens and NFTs return financial power to users, encouraging them to stay in the decentralized universe.

A user can game, win, and cash out virtual assets from anywhere on the planet. Anyone with a computer and internet access can make money online. A freedom previously only available to a select few.

GameFi will grow in popularity as NFTs and Defi do. This early-stage hybrid creation requires a lot of help to grow and develop. Only the dedication of users, exchanges, and communities can help GameFi grow into something that could change our lives in the near future.

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