Solana: 4 Unstoppable Cryptos That Beat

Solana (SOL) has risen to prominence this year. It’s up over 11,700% since January 1, making it one of the top five performers. But what’s remarkable about Solana is that it’s been rising for months. Since July, Solana’s price has risen steadily, even as the market fell.

To learn more about Solana click here. With Ethereum (ETH) struggling with network congestion, it was well located to pick up the slack.

Gaming and metaverse tokens have also performed well this year. Here are two coins that have outperformed Solana since January 1st.

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Axie Infinity (AXS): +21,500% since Jan.

Axie Infinity is the play-to-earn game that has captivated people, especially after the pandemic. Unique cartoon Axies can be trade, bred, and battled. They earn AXS and SLP tokens in the game, which have real-world value.

Before blockchain gaming, the rewards you earned in a game stayed in the game. Axie is pioneering a new gaming model with transferable rewards. People who have been hit hard by the pandemic have supplemented their income by playing Axie.

Sandbox (SAND) — +12,300% since Jan.

Sandbox is one of several metaverse tokens that have recently risen in value. It’s a virtual world with its own currency. Buy land and NFTs with SAND tokens. It also allows players to create their own NFTs and games.

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) embedded in digital art or in-game items. The ownership information stored in the blockchain token, so items bought or built in Sandbox can be use outside the game.

How long?

Those are exceptional returns, even by crypto-currency standards. But as an investor, you must keep an eye on the long term. Solana, Axie, and Sandbox did well in 2021, but can they do so in 2022 and beyond?

Sandbox, for example, has only recently entered the top 100 cryptos by market cap. It’s an intriguing token, but the metaverse’s future and Sandbox’s price are uncertain.

However, some old favorites have grown more than Solana over their lifetimes.

Solana Ethereum — nearly 150,000% since launch

When Ethereum first came out in 2015, it had smart contract capability. A smart contract is a small piece of code that lives on the blockchain.

Solana began trading in April 2020 and has gained over 25,800% since then. While it outperformed early adopter Ethereum this year, it still has a long way to go to overtake Ethereum in the next five years.

Ethereum is currently undergoing a scalability upgrade that should be completed next year. It will be better positioned to compete with newer players like Solana if it can successfully move to Eth2.

Bitcoin (BTC) — nearly 70,000% since launch

Bitcoin, the first cryptocurrency, reigns supreme. It has the largest market cap and accounts for over a third of all cryptos. However, it wasn’t until July 2010 that Bitcoin began trading. By the end of the month, 1 BTC was worth $0.08, or around $57,000 today.

Bitcoin’s price has risen by roughly 100% since January. But the crypto-granddaddy has delivered over time, which is why some see it as digital gold.

A higher return usually entails a
Top cryptocurrency apps and exchanges offer all of the cryptocurrencies listed above. However, chasing huge percentage gains is a risky investment strategy. It’s like buying penny stocks — you might make more money than investing in big, established companies, but there’s also a higher risk of losing money. Established cryptocurrencies are riskier, but more likely to last.

Solana appears to be firmly entrenched in the top-10 cryptocurrencies by market cap. Bear in mind its newness. Only time will tell if it grew too quickly and can deliver.

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