Beast Legends is Changing the Way People Play Games

Free To Play, Earn To Play ECOSYSTEM launched by Beast Legends. A “revolution from gaming to making money” seems to be the industry’s latest crypto craze. The birth of Beast Legends uses cryptocurrencies to create a new blockchain game where players can earn money just by playing. A safe market and open ownership are ensured by the Binance Smart Chain. Ownership of beasts allows for safe trading and selling.

What is Beast Legends?

Beast Legends is a Norse mythology metaverse. It’s a monster-themed metaverse with a sustainable economic platform. Beasts have body parts from dragons, foxes, and tortoises, which makes them unique.

That it is a community-driven, defined, and shared economic platform that empowers users by rewarding their participation and enjoyment. By distributing governance tokens ARTS, Defi, and NFT, we can create an everlasting FREE TO PLAY, PLAY TO EARN ECOSYSTEM.

Beast legends Play to Earn

In Beast Legends, players can buy, breed, and battle monsters for real money. “Play-to-earn” business model allows players to earn crypto rewards for playing games. Each Beast is a non-fungible token (NFT), which means it can be bought or sold outside the game.

Currently, full-time blockchain gamers earn thousands of dollars per month. As “The Rest of the World” reported in August, the Philippines are particularly affected. Players have flocked to the game in search of work due to low wages and the coronavirus pandemic-related lockdown. This is great news for blockchain games. A man who doubled his monthly income by playing blockchain games interviewed.

This business model has a bright future. According to a certain blockchain gaming platform, 50% of users have never used cryptocurrency, and 25% have never had a bank account. That is, the game wallet is their first financial service. That explains the skyrocketing price of blockchain games and the massive increase in transaction volume.

Venezuela’s Hyperinflation-Racked Players

The World Bank reports that Venezuela has the highest annual inflation rate of any country, at around $2.40 per month.

So many locals forced to find alternative means of support.

Juan Tirado, 32, unemployed and lives with his family in Maturn, Venezuela’s Monagas state capital. He lives and breathes the cryptocurrency-powered video game. “It has helped me pay off years of debts and cover my daughter’s food expenses,” Tirado said in a Discord interview in Spanish.

Many Venezuelans are like Tirado. Crypto games can easily find new audiences among people suffering from rising inflation, economic shrinkage, and daily struggles to make ends meet.

‘Economic freedom’ through Beast Legends gaming

Will more people achieve financial freedom as play-to-earn spreads? Crypto games force young people to learn about the new digital finance world. Other developing countries, such as Brazil and Vietnam, have benefited from blockchain gaming.

Moreover, the rapid increase in player numbers shows how quickly cryptocurrencies can reshape the gaming industry. But many people believe that what’s happening in the Philippines and Venezuela today will soon spread to other countries, possibly even more developed ones, introducing many people to cryptocurrencies.

Also, a community-driven, defined, and shared economic platform that rewards users’ participation and enjoyment. Moreover, by distributing governance tokens ARTS, Defi, and NFT, we can create an everlasting FREE TO PLAY, PLAY TO EARN ECOSYSTEM.

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