EverGrow: Binance’s Fastest Growing Crypto

EverGrow: Binance’s fastest growing crypto. Because of its groundbreaking smart contracts, EverGrow Coin. |A newly formed cryptocurrency on the Binance Smart Chain. That includes ground-breaking smart contracts, is rewriting the rules of DeFi tokenomics. EverGrow has reached the milestone of 117,000 token holders after collecting $30 million. In prize money in the form of $BUSD. This is a big achievement for the company. Even before the supply of 1,000,000,000,000,000 has been depleted, EverGrow has already devoured 52.25 percent. Of that amount, leaving EverGrow with a total of 1,000,000,000,000,000 in its possession.

According to Coinmarketcap, EverGrow was trading at $0.00000078. After a 24-hour trading volume of $1,684,308. The cryptocurrency had previously reached a top of $0.00000078 and a low of $0.00000078. When an EverGrow Coin holder makes a transaction involving $BUSD. The holder receives an 8 percent reward, which is automatically transferred. To the holder’s wallet by the system. Trades in the cryptocurrency can be done on the following exchanges at the moment. PancakeSwap (V2), BitMart, Coinsbit, and Zt (Zero Token), among others (for the time being).

Tokenomics of EverGrow

EverGrow Coin

Transactions between two ECG wallets, including Buy/Sell transactions on decentralized exchanges. Such as Pancakeswap, are subject to a transaction tax of 14 percent. Which is applied to all transactions between two ECG wallets. Transaction taxes applied to all transactions between two ECG wallets. Every transaction involving the purchase, transfer. Or sale of the cryptocurrency generates an extra source of income for holders in the form of $BUSD. As a supplementary source of income to complement capital gains. This can be quite beneficial. Additionally, 2 percent of each transaction is dedicate to strategic BuyBack & Burn. With the ultimate goal of removing the acquired tokens. From the market’s circulation once and for all.

As an added bonus, one percent of every transaction transferred to the marketing wallet. Which used to fund marketing, utility and ecosystem development. As well as community development, all of which contribute. To the platform’s long-term growth and development.

Liquidity Pool

EverGrow’s smart contract deposits 3 percent of the transaction value as $EGC. And $BNB into Pancakeswap liquidity pools after a transaction is conclude. Following the completion of the transaction, the deposited liquidity is maintain. In certified lockers for a period of one year following the deposit. You may rest confident that all Buy and Sell transactions will completed. With the least amount of time lag possible if you use it to your advantage.

Anti-Whale Mechanism

It is possible to safeguard against price manipulation by employing the Anti-Whale Mechanism. Which prevents any single sell order worth more than 0.15 percent. Of the entire supply of $EGC from executed at the same time.

The EverGrow Coin Roadmap includes a number of initiatives in addition to platforms. Such as Crator, a social media site similar to Twitter where influencers. Can charge a fee for high-quality material that they provide to their followers. The EverGrow Coin Roadmap also includes other initiatives. In addition to platforms such as Crator. Among the new features planned for the NFT Marketplace and lending platforms, in addition to Crator. Are the introduction of play-to-earn games and staking pools in the first quarter of 2022 and. In the second quarter of 2022, respectively.

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