How Australia Radical Right Makes Money

How Australia radical right makes money from online hate. A greater number of options for seeking money on the internet have never existed. At any other time in history than they do today. These digital assets have the potential to be extremely profitable for conservative extremists. Who want to make money off their hatred – and the financial potential. Of these digital assets has not gone unnoticed in the nation’s capital.

According to the findings of my inquiry, I looked into the fundraising networks affiliated. With a sample of Australian channels that broadcast rightwing extremist propaganda. On the messaging app Telegram this year, and discovered connections. To at least 22 different online funding mechanisms. Among other things, it was through some of these that the general public. Was invited to make donations using cryptocurrency wallet addresses. Such as those for bitcoin, monero, Ethereum, and Litecoin, among others.

Naturally, an interest in cryptocurrencies is not indicative of racism or extremism in and of itself. But a recent study by the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) found. That a group of white supremacists, primarily from North America, has likely made “a substantial profit”. From bitcoin by getting in early, allowing them to access funds “That would almost certainly be unavailable to them if they did not have access to cryptocurrency.” “If they did not have access to cryptocurrency, they would almost certainly be In the end. The SPLC stated that “if they did not have access to cryptocurrency.”

Controversial As reported by the Southern Poverty Law Center, Stefan Molyneux. A Canadian “alt-right” figure who claims to be anti-white supremacist but has been banned. From YouTube for comments about women and “scientific racism.” Has received at least 1,250 bitcoin from supporters. (One Bitcoin was worth A$68,647 at the time of writing).

Australia’s far right takes notice

According to a message put on the website, “Crypto is genuinely making a lot of our folks money.” The conversation took place in March on a Telegram channel associated with Blair Cottrell. A  man who was found guilty of inciting hatred against Muslims by a Victorian court. In 2017, he was convicted and sentenced to prison.

The “early adopters” of bitcoin, such as rightwing extremists, may have made millions of dollars. From the cryptocurrency, but privacy currencies such as monero. Which try to disguise the origin and destination of transactions. Appear to be gaining favor with far-right organizations as well.

An online fundraising campaign created after Thomas Sewell. A member of the National Socialist Network, was charge with a variety of felonies. This year in connection with an alleged assault. And an accused armed robbery. The funds raised will used to cover the Australian’s legal bills. That campaign was a resounding success. Telegram channels affiliated. With far-right livestreamers from the United States and Australia. Who have tens of thousands of followers, as well as accounts associated with the anti-lockdown campaign in Australia. Were flood with support requests for bitcoin and monero payments. Sewell has entered a not guilty plea in response to the allegations leveled at him.

However, despite the fact that the majority of donation requests. From the Australian far right are for legal bills. Rather than for content development or lifestyle needs. They can used also to strengthen relationships with followers. While also providing an opportunity to engage with international networks.

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