A New Crypto Land Grab Is Underway

A new Crypto land grab Is underway. It was a little strange when NFTs initially entered the public consciousness. Because the concept behind them was a little strange. However, even if these cryptographic certificates of ownership were linked to images of bored monkeys. Or recordings of Kevin Durant on the court, they did not confer any ownership rights over. The specific media in question. Despite this, they have taken off, with tens of thousands of dollars being traded every day.

Now, there is a new topic of discussion in the cryptosphere:.eth domain names, which are addresses. That users can only access through a crypto-based internet that is not accessible through a traditional browser. (Perhaps not surprisingly, they are tied to NFTs. The domains can be used as a platform to display one’s cryptocurrency assets.) The scramble to obtain Ethereum Name Service domain names is reminiscent, albeit on a smaller scale. Of the battle to acquire.com domain names in the early days of the internet. When the internet was still in its infancy. Many buyers are attempting to acquire as many good locations. As they can in the hopes of reselling them for significantly greater money.

This month alone, more than 71,000 new domains have been registered on the Ethereum Name Service. Making it the service’s busiest month since it launched in 2017. The buying frenzy has resulted in the creation of thousands of new potential digital landlords. Some of whom have amassed hundreds of domains in the process. Balaji Srinivasan and Ashton Kutcher, both of whom are well-known in the Silicon Valley. Have both used Twitter to promote their respective domains. Which has given the domains a significant boost in popularity.

The most notable sale in the current frenzy was that of paradigm.eth

A new Crypto land grab and the selling of paradigm.eth was maybe the most prominent transaction during the current mania. A decent landing page for Paradigm, the venture-capital fund that recently outraised competitor. Andreessen Horowitz to become the largest cryptocurrency fund. A $2.5 billion pool of money that will used to invest in companies that employ blockchain technology. Someone else, though, recently purchased it for $1.5 million in ethereum. Also cryptocurrency that currently prices for roughly $4,300 per coin. When I contacted the firm about it, Jim Prosser, a representative, responded with the words.

Cybersquatting is not a new phenomenon, and it has existed for quite some time. The United States passed a law banning it in 1999 in the wake of the dot-com version. Of what is currently taking place, however there are fair-use exceptions for situations in which people are not earning. From it or using it as parody. Additionally, the entity responsible for the domains, Ethereum Name Service, opposed to the practice. “We categorically opposed to squatting, and we have been for many years. The statement, “I’m going to grab the celebrity and brand dot-eth names. And I’m going to hold out for millions,” considered “stupid” by Brantly Millegan. The head of operations for ENS domains, according to the Intelligencer. “It’s nothing but extortion – it’s nothing but pure extortion.”

Besides used for squatting, the domains’ investors contend that they have far more worth. Than simply receiving a payment from a firm or celebrity. It is the author of Ruling the Root: Internet Governance. And the Taming of Cyberspace, Dr. Milton Mueller. Who teaches at the Georgia Institute of Technology School of Public Policy and is a cryptocurrency wallet expert. Which also told Intelligencer that they are attempting to use domains.

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