Quiznos Launches in the NFT Galaxy on November 15th

Quiznos launches in the NFT Galaxy on November 15th of “Out of This World” Sandwich Tokens via Crypto.com. This morning, Quiznos, in collaboration with Crypto.com and The NFT Agency. Announced the launch of a series of non-fungible tokens. Marking the international fast casual restaurant chain’s entry into the non-fungible token space. By featuring a collection of Quiznos “Out of this World” sandwich coins that will be available for purchase. For a limited time only. During the one-day sale of each token, proceeds will be donated to a non-profit organization. Dedicated to alleviating hunger in communities and countries experiencing hardship.

It was reported today that Quiznos, in conjunction with Crypto.com and The NFT Agency. Would launch Quiznos “Out of this World” NFTs, which were designed by artist Sameer Baloch. Quiznos intends to give the proceeds from token sales to the World Central Kitchen. Which is a charitable organization. (Graphic courtesy of Business Wire)

A brave mission to different planets throughout the crypto galaxy with the goal. Of introducing innovative and alternative methods of sustainability depicted. In the artwork, which created by Sameer Baloch. A 3D digital artist originally from Oman whose detailed, bold pieces have made a splash in the collector community.

Quiznos partnered with The NFT Agency, a marketplace consultancy that links creators. Communities, and brands through one-of-a-kind NFT experiences that include ownable digital content. To launch its debut into the NFT space.

According to Jesse Galati, the Chief Operating Officer of the National Foreign Trade Agency. “Sameer has established a name for himself in the art and NFT communities as a result of his jaw-dropping. One-of-a-kind 3D artwork. Several of the most intriguing NFT projects taking place. Right now are the result of his smart and aesthetic brainwork.”

Each NFT buyer will also be entered to win

Each NFT purchaser will also entered into a drawing for a $50 Quiznos gift card. The gift cards will be provided by Quiznos, and The NFT Agency will set up. And oversee the fulfillment process on their behalf.

Quiznos’ participation in the cooperation is not the company’s first step. Into the world of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. Recent developments also include the establishment of a pilot program. That also allows customers to pay with Bitcoin at select Quiznos stores throughout the Denver metropolitan region. Including also Denver International Airport, just a few months ago.

Additionally, “There has never been a better time for digital coin collectors to combine their passion for the environment. With their appreciation for original artwork and our robustly flavored food. By donating to a worthy cause. Our excitement at taking this first small step into the NFT space is match. By our anticipation of discovering more ways to virtualy — and perhaps someday physically. Plant flags for our extraordinary Quiznos sandwiches in outer space. Says the company “Quiznos owned by the REGO Restaurant Group. Which is led by Mark Lohmann, its president.

To support the World Central Kitchen (WCK), a nonprofit founded by Chef José Andrés. That harnesses the power of food to nourish people and boost economies in times of crisis and beyond. Quiznos will also donate revenues from its “Out of this World” token sales to the World Central Kitchen (WCK).

In a critical time for our world, we thrilled that Quiznos chose Crypto.com’s platform. To also start this NFT campaign in support of efforts to help those in need.” Said Crypto.com Executive Vice President and Global Head of NFT Joe Conyers III. “We see this as a fun way to bring our community together.

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