The Next Big Crypto. 60K Holders, $1 Billion Marketcap

The next big Cryptocurrency. 60K holders, $1 Billion marketcap. As with Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Dogecoin before it, a relatively new cryptocurrency, called NEO. It is attempting to reach the moon. According to data provider, the total value of all circulating EverGrow Coin. Has surpassed the $1 billion mark today, following an 18000 percent increase in the previous month. To a rising army of retail investors, EverGrow Coin is referred to as “EGC.” It has also been labeled the “next Shiba Inu” or “the next Dogecoin” by numerous observers.

EverGrow made its debut in September and has recently gained more attention as a result of its innovative Tokenomics. Every Buy/Sell Transaction in USD(BUSD) generates an 8 percent incentive for all EGC holders. Which is automatically credited to the holder’s wallet account.

This EverGrow Coin has already surpassed 60,000 holders and reached a market capitalization of $1 billion. The next big crypto in just one month of launch. Holders of EverGrow Coin have collected more than $10 million BUSD in prizes alone. Excluding the gains in the value of the coin’s token. Every EverGrow Coin holder receives a considerably bigger part of the rewards than the nearest competitor. And the coin is twice as rewarding as the nearest competitor.

At the time of launch, half of the total token supply was burned and removed from circulation permanently. And a further 2% of the token supply has been burned since then. The Airdrop and Team Wallet, which account for an additional 5% of the total. Are both locked and do not get awards. This indicates that the awards are spread among only 44 percent of the total number of coins in circulation.

Unique Features of EverGrow

8 percent in BUSD: For each Buy or Sell transaction, EverGrow Coin distributes 8 percent. Of the transaction proceeds to all token holders, who receive the funds directly in their wallets. The prizes are sent in the stable currency of the United States dollar (BUSD). By receiving BUSD rewards, holders avoid the need. To liquidate their assets and pay taxes on their earnings.

4 percent added to the total. Automatic Transfer to Liquidity: In order to maintain the liquidity of the exchange. The 4 percent from each buy and sell transaction will automatically transferred to PancakeSwap. PancakeSwap, a decentralized exchange that employs the concept of liquidity pools. Overcomes the common liquidity problem that exists in the cryptocurrency market. It is always the case that a liquidity pool consists of tradeable tokens. Such as $EverGrow or $BNB. All Buy/Sell trades are match with liquidity pools. To ensure a smooth transaction. A larger Liquidity Pool ensures that the token’s price floor remains stable.

Buy Back and Burn: Three percent of each transaction’s tokens are gather, converted to BNB. And given to our contract, where they burned. This wallet known as the BuyBack Wallet, and when enabled. It purchases EGC from exchanges and removes the purchased tokens. From the circulating supply permanently. While simultaneously creating green candles on the price chart…

In addition, an anti-Whale initiative is in place at EverGrow Coin. Read more about it here. An additional charge of one percent charged to all sales, which reduces the number of transactions. That involve swing trading and Whale manipulation. Furthermore, the smart contract will not permit sales that surpass 0.2 percent. Of the entire supply to take place at the same time.

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