Rocky Inu (ROCKY) to Be Released on Nov. 28

Rocky Inu (ROCKY) to be released on Nov. 28. Rocky Inu (ROCKY), a project located in the United Kingdom. Is set to go live on November 28th at 3:00 PM UTC (Universal Time). Between November 6th and November 28th, the project’s presale will be open to crypto investors. Who are interested in purchasing its canine-themed coin. Pinksale, a decentralized fundraising platform powered by DeFi Launchpad. Is now hosting the fundraiser.

Within 48 hours of its inception, the presale event had already attracted more than 100 contributors. Who were counting on ROCKY to make a splash in the cryptocurrency market. An early bird discount of 1 BNB=60M ROCKY is available to investors who purchase tokens during the presale.

Participants in the Rocky Inu presale will receive a deflationary meme coin. That is intended to be successful over the long term. It also means that they will become a member of a user community that is the driving force. Behind Rocky Inu on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC).

Rocky Inu intends to publish the $ROCKY token on Pancakeswap. Immediately after the presale concludes, according to the developers. Once listed on Coingecko and Coinmarketcap, the Rocky Inu Puppy. It will allow the community to watch the success of the next DOGE-inspired cryptocurrency to enter the market.

A Meme Economy with 0% Buy Fees!

On the other hand, Rocky Inu has strong tokenomics, which are designed to reward token holders. Who participate in the low-cap gem’s trek to the moon. The project makes use of a variety of strategies. To ensure that supporters of the meme coin ROCKY receive a substantial passive income. For simply holding the coin.

For starters, there no fees charged to investors on any purchase transactions. The method designed to encourage more crypto enthusiasts to hold ROCKY. With the goal of propelling the exciting new coin to the moon. The network pays out prizes to token holders in proportion. To the number of ROCKY tokens they own, increasing the amount of buying pressure. On the meme-based cryptocurrency.

Aside from that, the project is gradually burning tokens. Which reduces the initial one quadrillion ROCKY supply. By removing tokens from circulation on a regular basis, the protocol restricts the quantity of ROCKY in circulation. Guaranteeing that the coin’s value continues to rise over time. Users may see as the size of their adorable Rocky Inu puppy grows on the platform. At the same time and in the same manner.

Rocky Inu Fees on Non-Buy Transactions

Rocky Inu intends to become a 1000x project with its innovative business model. Which charges a fee on all transactions except buy transactions. In order to ensure the long-term viability of the meme-based ecosystem. A 15 percent tax is levied on every sale transaction.

In addition, 3 percent of every non-buy transactions goes directly into rewarding ROCKY holders. With the remaining 3 percent going into the burn mechanism. Which helps the canine-themed coin maintain its hyperinflationary status.

Rocky Inu places a strong emphasis on raising awareness and building a strong user base. In order to assist its meme token in reaching the moon. In order to accomplish this, the protocol allocates 6% of all sales transactions. To marketing and future development.

In addition, the remaining 3 percent used to improve the Pancakeswap liquidity pool. In order to provide customers with a flawless trading experience. Also, in tandem with the growth of Rocky Inu’s pool. The automated liquidity on Pancakeswap also grows, resulting in a stable price floor. That allows token holders to hedge against price fluctuation.

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