LBank Exchange to Launch IMC on November 10, 2021

LBank exchange to launch IMC on November 10, 2021. A listing of IMC (i-Money Crypto) will take place on November 10, 2021. On LBank Exchange, a global digital asset trading platform. In order to ensure that all LBank Exchange customers have access to the IMC/USDT trading pair. On November 10, 2021 at 14:00 (UTC+8), the LBank Exchange. It will make the IMC/USDT trading pair available for trading at that time.

Several unusable coins have appeared in the cryptocurrency market. Since the beginning of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. And people have been clamoring for a genuine utility token ever since. IMC (i-Money Crypto) is here to meet this need by enabling financial independence. In worldwide everyday usage through the use of cryptocurrency. The IMC cryptocurrency will be published on the LBank Exchange on November 10, 2021, at 14:00 (UTC+8). In order to further increase the company’s global reach and assist it in achieving its vision.

Establishing IMC

IMC (i-Money Crypto) is a Blockchain cryptocurrency that allows. For financial independence in everyday life around the world. IMC is headquartered in Wyoming. Which is considered to be the most crypto-friendly state in the United States of America.

In collaboration with the G-Point Community, the IM Technology Group (IMTG) is introducing the IMC protocol. The G-Point community has developed its own G-Point Eco-system which includes an online G-Point Shopping Mall. Offline G-Point Certificate networks, and the provision of G-Point Cards. As well as G-Point Special Services, among other components.

Because of the strategic collaboration with several partners, such as D Salus, B2MMall, STC, and others. IMC has evolved into a cryptocurrency that is genuinely backed up by a community. That has a platform and population that allows it to be spent in the marketplace.  And also within the community itself. In other words, it already has an established member group in the G-Point community. Which implies it will take a lot less time to establish itself as a prominent cryptocurrency.

Utility Eco-System of the IMC

The IMC platform is intended for usage on a daily basis. In communities all around the world, and it is free to use. The G-Point Community of G-Point Mall, an online membership shopping mall. Will serve as the foundation for the IMC platform, which will be developed by IMTG. It is from there that the entire town will grow as a result of collaborations. With other communities and commercial centers.

Products purchased with G-Point can be purchased at a discounted rate. When compared to products purchased using standard payment methods. Users can charge G-Points using IMC that they have purchased from IM Exchange. IMC will promote good products through the G-Point Market. In conjunction with social media marketing (SNS). Users can take advantage of G-Point Mall’s up to 50 percent discount on more than 300 brand products. As well as a large choice of gift certificates and cards. That can purchased using G-Points, among other things.

Furthermore, IMC aspires to provide platform services that may used in markets and communities. As well as to establish a real-world application and function for cryptocurrencies. In each individual community. As a result of the existing direct and strong member base in the G-Point community. IMC will gain popularity fast and consistently. In addition, IMC prepared to organize and manage the benefits of cryptocurrencies. Also, in order to ensure that it rigorously preserved over the long term.

The Tokenomics of the IMC

To be a miner-less blockchain, IMTG will use an internal A.I. based incentives system. Instead of many individual miners. This will allow all users to engage in the blockchain ecosystem. And utilize new technologies like Big Data, AI, and IoT.

The entire supply of IMC, an open blockchain token designed with ERC-20 algorithm. It is 300 million (i.e. 300,000,000).

With IMC, the genuine utility token, IMC Platform aims to create a large-scale vibrant ecosystem. It has the potential to become a dynamic blockchain ecosystem. In which all members participate and share.

IMC’s listing on LBank Exchange will surely help it grow its business and attract more market attention.

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