Vinco Ventures Announces a New BTC Mining Venture

Vinco Ventures announces a new BTC mining venture. Vinco Ventures, Inc. (NASDAQ: BBIG) today announced that its subsidiary Cryptyde has formed a joint venture. With Wattum Management, a major provider of Bitcoin mining equipment. And services in the world. The joint venture is known as CW Machines LLC. The Joint Venture, CW Machines, is dedicated to making customer ownership of Bitcoin mining equipment. As simple as possible through the use of smart contract technology.

According to Cryptyde CEO Brian McFadden, “the formation of this joint venture business. Marks the beginning of our development into the broader crypto and blockchain markets.” In addition to working with industry veterans such as the Wattum Management team. We are looking forward to the introduction of NFTs and smart contracts. Into the BTC Mining market in the near future.

CW Machines LLC began operations with a first order of 2000 Bitmain Antminer S19s. Which were matched with power allocations based in the United States. Turnkey mining solutions will sold through the company’s operations. With a strong emphasis on simplicity and affordability. BTC mining has traditionally considered a tough and expensive industry to break into. Making it daunting to the average consumer. CW Machines will streamline the process and aspires to create an entry pricing point. That is affordable to the vast majority of consumers in the United States.

A profound transformation is taking place in the financial sector, and we are witnessing it. When it comes to the mainstreaming of cryptocurrency markets in America, the average consumer. It only getting involved “after the fact,” or after the coin has already created. CW Machines’ mission is to provide the average customer with the opportunity.

About Vinco Ventures, Inc.

Incorporated in 2006, Vinco Ventures, Inc. (BBIG) is an acquisitions business. That specializes in digital media and content technology. Buy, innovate, grow (BIG) is Vinco’s acquisition strategy. Which seeks acquisition possibilities that positioned for scale. And will be significant in the future.

BBIG (Vinco Ventures, Inc.), a firm that engages in consumer product research and development. As well as manufacturing, sales, and delivery, has had its stock price rise by 10.88 percent in aftermarket trading. As a result, the stock of BBIG is currently trading at $4.28 at the time of writing. The company’s announcement of the release date for quarterly data was also a contributing factor. To the increase in share price. In the afternoon session on Friday. BBIG’s stock fell 2.77 percent to $3.86, bringing the day’s total loss to 2.77 percent.

BBIG announced that the financial results for the third quarter of fiscal 2021, which concluded on September 30, 2021. It will released on November 22, 2021, and that the results would be available on the company’s website. Management will also participate in a conference call and webcast to discuss the company’s third-quarter results. As well as significant business developments that have had an impact on the company. It is according to the company.

Additionally, Cryptyde is a selective acquisitions firm that focused on exploiting blockchain technology. To disrupt industries that are directly related to consumers. A few examples of our current ventures are Which was also the first streaming music NFT platform, and CW Machines LLC. A crypto mining ecosystem that uses also our knowledge of blockchain technology. And brings Bitcoin mining to a price point that is affordable to the average customer.

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