Huobi Global Event for New NFT Blockchain Project

Huobi Global announces primelist event for new NFT Blockchain Project. A new event called the Primelist has been launched by Huobi Global. One of the world’s largest digital asset exchanges. The event will provide both institutional and individual investors with an unprecedented opportunity. To gain access to innovative blockchain projects. Access to Immutable X (IMX) tokens, which are a solution for non-fungible tokens (NFTs). On the Ethereum blockchain, will be available at this particular Primelist event.

“Our past Prime and Primepool tournaments drew a large number of competitors. From all across the world. In light of these lessons learned, we’re providing investors. With another avenue through which they may get involved in innovative, early-stage companies. “Huobi Group’s Ciara Sun, who oversees the company’s listing and blockchain investments. Shared her thoughts.

Huobi Primelist, an enhanced version of Huobi Prime. Provides investors with a simple and more accessible way to gain access. To new cryptocurrency projects that are offering exceptional pricing incentives. Huobi Primelist users will be able to purchase additional assets on the platform starting at 11:00 (London time). 

Huobi Primelist users will be able to purchase additional assets on the platform starting at 11:00 (London time).  Those who sign up through either of the two registration routes will be enrolled in two different asset pools. Which together amount for 0.3 percent of the total new token supply (6,000,000 tokens).

“In contrast to past promotions, holders of HT and USDT will be able to purchase new assets directly. With USDT, rather than being forced to stake a particular quantity of tokens in advance.

Huobi Primelist Event Details

Method 1: On November 5, users with a balance of at least 200 USDT. Will be able to purchase IMX tokens using a queueing system. IMX tokens worth 200 USDT will given out to 2400 lucky individuals. Who have tickets with numbers ranging from 1 to 2400 in their possession.

Those who have a minimum average of 300 HT throughout the three days from 17:00:00 (London time). On Nov. 1 to 16:59:59 (London time) on November 4 will allowed. To purchase additional assets on Nov. 5, according to Method 2. In accordance with the formula below. The system will automatically execute the orders. And distribute fresh assets to each participant as needed:

The number of new assets given to each user equals the product of the order amount of a participant (USDT). Divided by the total order amount of all participants (USDT). *The number of new assets offered by the platform equals also the product of the order amount of a participant (USDT).

Huobi’s attempts to give back to its community, as well as its aspirations to expand. Its existing Huobi Token ecosystem, reflected in the debut of the Primelist event. IMX (Immutable X) will be the first token to listed on Primelist. As it is the first Layer 2 scaling solution for non-volatile memory (NFTs) on Ethereum. This technology also provides fast trade confirmations. Huge scalability (up to 9,000 transactions per second and beyond), and no gas costs.

Adding, “Many of the investors from our prior Prime-series events pleased with their returns. So we’re delight to keep the momentum going and use Primelist to present new options to the community.”

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