BNB Hyper Rise to Launch at Miami Crypto Expo

BNB Hyper Rise to launch at Miami Crypto Expo. During the Miami Crypto Expo, BNB Hyper Rise will be launching their project. In a three-stage launch that will capitalize on the excitement that has surrounded the event. The unique launch is part of an extended marketing campaign that has drawn substantial attention to the project. Following the debut, the project will move into a post-launch campaign. To help them expand their community. This event will be held at the James L. Knight Center. Which has a capacity of over 5000 crypto aficionados and more than 28,000 square feet. Of exhibition space, making it the ideal site for BNB Hyper Rise. To kick off stage one of its launch plans.

As of right now, the creators are hosting a contest in which participants can compete. For a chance to be included on the highly sought-after Whitelist by performing a few basic tasks. Entrants who successfully complete the required duties.Which include sharing referral links and promoting the launch on social media. It will be chosen as winners from among all other eligible entries.

The Launch of the Miami Crypto Expo

Seven initiatives were able to increase their funding by 100x simply by attending the Expo, owing to its popularity. Because BNB Hyper Rise is launching their project during the convention. The publicity they will receive from the event could help them achieve even greater success.

Beginning on November 10th and continuing through November 12th. A three-stage launch will take place (the days the Expo is running). Whitelist entries end on the 9th, which means you only have a few days left to tr. To grab a seat on the team! The presale will take place on the 10th at 3:00 PM EST on the first day of the convention. Which is on the 11th. The next day, at 3:00 PM EST, BNB Hyper Rise will officially launch. Triggering the activation of their smart contract. On the 12th, at 3:00 PM EST, their Hyper Rocket idle game will be launched. And users will be able to begin earning BNB.

What is BNB Hyper Rise, and how does it work?

BNB Hyper Rise is a coin with an elastic supply and manual rebasing. That runs on the Binance Smart Blockchain (BNB). The platform centered on gamified staking, notably an idle game. Titled Hyper Rocket, which is available for download.

Users can earn BNB while simultaneously contributing to the buyback wallet for BNB Hyper Rise. By using the Hyper Rocket app. It consists of a number of different types of spacecraft. That all have different parameters for wagering length and percentage of returns to contend with. Users can deposit any amount of BNB into the spaceships and immediately begin earning rewards for their efforts. In the future, there will be a referral scheme that will allow users to earn even more BNB. In exchange for assisting in the growth of the user base.

There will a 15 percent fee applied to all BNB Hyper Rise transactions, with 5 percent of the fee. Going towards the BNB Rewards program, according to the company. The BNB awards for users are dynamic. In that they can redeemed at any moment during their membership.

The buyback wallet included within the game will aid in the stabilization of the floor price of their token. As well as the pumping of the price, and will function in conjunction with the manual rebasing of token supply.


Following the debut of their platform, BNB Hyper Rise intends to continue. To expand it in order to better serve its customers. A dashboard that will be enjoyable to use has developed by the team, it has disclosed. The dashboard will provide gamers with a one-of-a-kind interface for blockchain gaming. A later date has set for the team to share all of the specifics.

Despite the fact that their launch is approaching, BNB Hyper Rise is already gaining ground. By taking advantage of the enormous community that will be present at the Miami Crypto Expo. There is a good potential that the token will adopted immediately. By the participants, hence increasing its value significantly.

BNB Hyper Rise provides a unique and profitable platform for investors. Thanks to their simple yet rewarding mechanics. In their Hyper Rocket game and manual rebasing token, among other things.

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