Will Cannabis, Crypto or Psychedelics Work for Me?

Will cannabis, crypto or psychedelics work for me? Diversification is excellent, but what if you just had $1000 to invest? While some recommend that investors stick to tried-and-true techniques. Others advocate for more riskier but possibly rewarding strategies. That focus on emerging markets such as cryptocurrency, psychedelics, and cannabis.

In your opinion, which of these three is most appealing to today’s marketplace?

Cryptocurrency and cannabis gain an advantage as each market demonstrates potential.

In the unscientific polls that this writer did, each sector garnered a certain amount of support. According to a LinkedIn study conducted in October, 40 percent of respondents chose cannabis. A total of 38 percent of the votes went to cryptocurrency, with 22 percent going to psychedelics.

It should be noted in this post that the majority of the LinkedIn responses. Came from people working in the cannabis sector.

Based on the traffic to Benzinga, it appears that a large portion of the readership is interested. In learning more about cryptocurrency. Elon Musk, Dogecoin (CRYPTO: DOGE), and Shiba Inus are among the topics. That have piqued the public’s interest recently. As of the beginning of November. Other topics of attention include emerging assets such as Floki Inu (CRYPTO: FLOKI). And well-known names like as Ethereum, among others (CRYPTO: ETH).

On November 2, 2021. Only two of the top twenty most read items on the site were not related to cryptocurrency. The first cannabis-related article to appear on the list was number 27. Psychedelics didn’t even make it into the top 50 on that particular day.

Support for Using Cryptocurrency

The Chief Financial Officer of BostonCoin, Dr. Jeremy Britton. Believes that cannabis and psychedelics are “fascinating answers for many real-world problems.” But he also points out that they are similar to pharmaceutical stocks

Britton, who has worked as a financial analyst for 29 years, believes his industry has an advantage. Because of the lack of red tape. He claims that rules can cause rollouts and ROIs to be delayed for years.

“In many cases, it is the red tape and regulations that cause some of these projects to be delayed. For many months, if not years,” Britton explained. Although cryptocurrency can be harmful owing to a lack of government regulation. The lack of red tape also allows it to move at a rapid pace.

Jonathan Seif, managing partner at the disruptive technology-focused consultancy firm The ProFolio Group. Also expressed concern about the quickly changing nature of the cryptocurrency market. “With huge financial institutions investing billions of dollars in cryptocurrency. The business is showing no signs of slowing down,” says the author.

Despite his reservations about the other sectors. Seif believes cannabis still has a “significant runway to clear before taking off in a sustainable fashion.” Psychedelics, while interesting. Are a decade behind cannabis in terms of popularity, he continued.

People who spoke with me for previous works. Psychedelics may catch up. Cannabis laws may change in the future.

Waneta Jaikarran, E1 Asset Management’s director of brokerage. For its support of cryptocurrencies, it uses current political decisions.

Cryptocurrency, according to Jaikarran, was created to defy the state. Raising the debt ceiling and also causing trouble.

She advises diversifying finances whenever possible. “I believe that cryptocurrencies can be utilized as a hedge.”

Favorable Attitudes Towards Cannabis

In an interview with Get Invested, Brett Sifling, director of financial planning. At Gerber Kawasaki Wealth and Investment Management, discussed the potential of cannabis.

Sifling feels bitcoin could suffer big losses while public psychedelic companies are still young.

Sifling prefers AdvisorShares Pure US Cannabis ETF (NYSE: MSOS). The fund would provide you exposure to over 30 cannabis companies. Across numerous industries, rather than just one.

Rick Batenburg III, CIO of Cliintel Capital Management Group, says cannabis is “the easiest. And smartest choice” to invest in.

Batenburg invested despite looming federal reform and adult use status in numerous states. He called crypto “purely forex trading” without “serious diligence.”

Outsiders like Kristen Bolig, CEO of home and online security firm SecurityNerd. Choose cannabis over alcohol.

“Investing in anything that so heavily connected with the internet. Comes with a lot of hazards,” she said.

Invest Your Time and Money in What You Know

In general, each industry has potential if a person understands. The environment also in which they operate.

Shuan Heng, vice president of operations at the cryptocurrency asset may also have tracking website. CoinMarketCap, encourages people to invest in their areas of expertise.

Heng appreciates the sense of freedom that cryptocurrency provides for people. His argument for plant medicines and comparable substances included the following statement: “Many others could motivated by investing in the mental health potential of psychedelics. Or the medical applications of cannabis.”

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