Collaboration of Blockchain Singapore & AntChain

Collaboration of Blockchain Association Singapore & AntChain for to Promote Blockchain Adoption and Innovation in Singapore and ASEAN. The Blockchain Association of Singapore (BAS) and AntChain. The flagship technology brand of the Ant Group, signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) today. To form close collaborations to promote and drive further blockchain adoption. And innovation in Singapore and the rest of Southeast Asia (ASEAN).

In a Memorandum of Understanding signed on November 1st. Chia Hock Lai, Co-Chairman of the Blockchain Association of Singapore, and Derrick Loi, General Manager. International Business, Intelligent Technology at Ant Group, expressed their mutual interest in working together.

According to the agreement, BAS and AntChain will collaborate to organize events and programs. In Singapore and China to raise further awareness of blockchain, to drive industry adoption. And promote positive impact through continuous innovation. To strengthen the ecosystem of talents and empower the community through training and knowledge sharing. Also to raise further awareness of blockchain in other parts of Asia.

It is the first time AntChain has formed an industrial relationship outside of China, with the MOU with BAS.

Mr Chia Hock Lai, Co-Chairman of BAS, commented on the partnership. Saying, “We recognize AntChain’s market leadership as demonstrated through its innovative solutions. And a vast range of industry applications and use cases ranging from supply chain finance. To cross-border traceability of high-value goods to content and copyright protection.” We are delighted to work closely with AntChain, which we feel will contribute. Valuable technological expertise and industry experience to BAS’s members and partners. In Singapore and the rest of the Asia-Pacific region. “By working together, we can encourage additional blockchain technologies that will also help. To the growth and transformation of organizations and industries.”

Partnerships and Collaborations Stimulate Innovation

“We are ardent believers that partnerships and collaborations spur innovation,” said Mr Derrick Loi. General Manager of International Business, Intelligent Technology at Ant Group. Our commitment to working closely with industry partners such as BAS is rooted in our desire. To discover new synergies, alleviate pain points experienced by enterprises. And unearth greater value for a broader group of customers in the digital economy of today. Creating confidence in use cases such as digital trade and linking B2B2C. With industry specific applications like enterprise blockchain, secure computing, IoT. Electronic key exchange (eKYC), and other novel technologies is also something we are quite excited about.”

Moreover, in recent months, BAS has formed partnerships with the Alliance of Blockchain Industry (ABI). And the Energy Research Institute of Nanyang Technological University (ERI-NTU). With the goal of collaborating on a variety of projects to promote blockchain application. Research, and also the development of blockchain talent.

At its first developer conference in June, AntChain announced the introduction of a developer community assistance program. At this point in time, the community has attracted more than 330 institutional partners and approximately 10,000 developers. Who have worked together to develop more than 30 breakthrough industry applications. With more than 50 use cases including multi-party cooperation. AntChain’s broad range of technologies and solutions has now been used in more than 50 use cases across the world.

About Blockchain Association Singapore

In order to help its members and the community, the Blockchain Association Singapore (BAS) founded. The Association created to help members collaborate with regional and international stakeholders. To find answers and promote best practices in a collaboration, open, and transparent manner.

Additionally, it intends to encourage blockchain literacy and develop Singapore’s digital talent pipeline. By accelerating the development of blockchain enterprises operating in or entering Singapore. BAS hopes to promote also the growth of the Singapore blockchain ecosystem.

About AntChain

AntChain, the Ant Group’s flagship technology brand, committed to building trust. Through collaboration breakthrough technologies including blockchain, IoT, data analytics, and intelligent risk management. It aspires to create mutually trusted, highly efficient industry-based solutions. That also enhance industry collaboration and value development. According to IDC, AntChain will lead China’s blockchain-as-a-service market in 2020.

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