Dubai’s Crypto World DIVA Award

Dubai’s Crypto World DIVA Award. The DIVA alternative payment method developed by Mulierum Technology was named the winner. Of the Best Crypto Solution Award at the Crypto Expo Dubai 2021 conference. M ulierum, which provides a unique blockchain technology for social media users.  It was given the Best Crypto Solution Award at the Dubai’s Crypto World Expo 2021, which took place in March.

When Mulierum developed a payment module, it was recognized in Dubai. Which is widely regarded as one of the most important gathering places in the cryptocurrency world. Mulierum achieved a first-of-its-kind in the crypto market by adapting existing services to social media platforms. And users with the payment module it developed.

The Mulierum Project stood out as one of the event’s surprise initiatives. And it awarded the Best Crypto Solution Award at the Dubai Crypto World Expo 2021, which took place in November. The Mulierum Project, which closely followed by experienced investors, earned a rousing reception. In the cryptocurrency community when it released the social media module it had constructed.

The event, which took place from the 14th to the 15th of October in 2021. It saw the presentation of around 100 projects. Crypto Expo Dubai, which attracted more than 8000 investors and industry professionals. Is consider to beone of the few organizations in the world that specializes in cryptocurrency.

KIRMIZIGÜL, the CEO of Mulierum, had this to say about the award.  “Crypto Expo Dubai was an organization that was full of surprises for us.” To be really honest, we continue to work with a very limited group of people. As a result, it was a thrilling experience for us to stand out among projects with large budgets. And teams and prove that we were deserving of this award.

About Mulierum

The cryptocurrency market has become crowded as a result of the influx. Of new coins that issued on a regular basis. Finding a dependable coin to invest in can be a difficult task in such circumstances. And the process can be intimidating. Fraud, security breaches, and other criminal actions. Are becoming more prevalent, worsening the issue.

Mulierum aspires to resolve all of these issues while also providing investors. With a safe place to put their money. It provides financial services that are quick and low-cost without the involvement of a third party. In order to hold coin holders accountable for all of their transactions. It makes use of decentralized blockchain technology.

Developed by a group of internationally minded, young and creative individuals. The platform also combines technology with the working principles of social media platforms. It is to promote DIVA as a solution for the demands of modern investors.

Initially, the image may appear to be deceiving, giving the impression that it designed exclusively. For social media users. Official remarks from the developers, on the other hand, have stated that the service. Is available to anyone and will suit the needs of crypto players on a global scale. When seen from an ethical standpoint, the transparency relationship that exists. Between the social media platforms on which it is based and its users only serves. To add an additional layer of security while also making it appear more real to the public.

Mulierum is a cryptocurrency trading platform that includes everything you need. On numerous platforms, it also allows users to trade and match using the DIVA token as the primary token. 

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