From RSS President: Bitcoin, OTT, Narcotics & Population

From RSS president Mohan Bhagwat’s Vijayadashami speech are outlined here: Bitcoin, OTT, Narcotics, and Population. Mohan Bhagwat, the chief of the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS),. Gave his annual Vijayadashami speech on October 15 at the RSS’s headquarters in Nagpur, Maharashtra.

Bhagwat spoke to a gathering of Swayamsevaks about a variety of topics. Including population control and civilian killings in Jammu and Kashmir. As well as rising use of OTT platforms and the need to regulate Bitcoin.

The RSS chairman emphasized the need of “a culture that unites the people and encourages love.” With its ability to “welcome everybody,” he claims that only “Sanatan Hindu culture”. Can also save the world from radicalism, terrorism, and bigotry.

On Population

According to Bhagwat, the population policy should be revisited. “Policy should be created for the next 50 years and applied equally,” he added. Adding that “population imbalance has become an issue.”

The RSS chief described the country’s division as “sad history.” “The truth of this history must be confronted in order to restore the lost integrity and unity. And the future generation must be aware of this history,” he stated.

The country’s journey from’swadheenta to swatantrata,’ according to Bhagwat. Is still far from complete because there are groups around the globe who see India’s rise as a threat. As damaging to their own vested interests.

“When comparing and contrasting the current situation with the goal of an independent Bharat. It becomes clear that our path from Swadheenta (independence/self-rule) to Swatantrata (self-model of governance) is far from over.” There are some people in the world who see Bharat’s success and ascent to a respected position as a threat to their own interests.

On civilian killings in J&K and Taliban

Terrorists in Jammu and Kashmir, according from RSS President are using targeted assassinations to instill fear. He also stated that military readiness at border crossings should be raised.

“Terrorists in J&K have resumed a wave of targeted killings of residents, particularly Hindus. In order to demoralize them and rebuild terror in the Valley, “he claimed.

As India prepares to attend talks with the Taliban hosted by Russia next week. Bhagwat warned that it must be mindful of all possibilities.

“By keeping the lines of communication open and recognizing the possibility of a change of heart on the part of the (Taliban). India must prepared for any eventuality. ” We are aware of the Taliban’s history…China and Pakistan continue to back them… Pakistan did not change, even if the Taliban did… Has China’s policy toward India shifted? “We need to improve our border security,” he stated.

On Narcotics and OTT platforms

According to Bhagwat, there has been an increase from RSS President in the use of illicit substances. And the money generated by such firms is being used for anti-national actions. He also expressed alarm about the expanding use of OTT platforms. They claim that a system without governance leads to chaos.

“On OTT services, there is no control over what shown. Even children now have smartphones as a result of the Coronavirus. The use of narcotics is on the rise. What can done to put a stop to it? Anti-national acts funded with money from such enterprises… “It should also all be under control,” he remarked.

On Bitcoin

Bhagwat voiced alarm also about Bitcoin, OTT, Narcotics and requested that the government take steps to regulate it.

“Bitcoin is a source of worry. I’m not sure whether a country or system has jurisdiction over bitcoin. I’m confident that governments will eventually discover a method to control it. But what are you going to do until then?” He inquired.

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