New Cryptocurrency Copy-Trading Platform

A new cryptocurrency copy-trading platform is assisting those who are “in the know” in guiding beginners to success.  Alpha Impact, a social copy trading platform that provides daily insights from top crypto traders with the goal of “cutting through the noise,”. Launched its beta today, with a full launch planned for later this year or early next year.

The platform, according to the business, allows community members to interact with top-performing traders. To mimic their trades, get the latest crypto news from experts, and learn about the new cryptocurrency investment through masterclasses and guides.

Traders on the site, meanwhile, profit from building a following as a trusted opinion leader. Which also allows them to generate passive income from subscriptions and a revenue share model. And by that, it allows them to earn commission by sharing trades and trading knowledge. Users may link their investment accounts. Through Alpha Impact, they will learn crypto investing from renowned traders, through masterclasses, and starting instructions. As well as copying top traders.

More About Alpha Impact

According to Alpha Impact CEO Hayden Hughes, the launch spurred by the realization. That after spending so much time in crypto, “it became evident that there was a divide between affluent and poor.”

“I’m not talking about money; I’m talking about information.” Some people have spent hundreds or even thousands of hours researching crypto assets. And are well positioned to predict what will happen, while others learn only via painful investing blunders,” he said. “Our platform allows individuals who are ‘in the know’ to monetize their knowledge and understanding. While the uninitiated may discover a trader and examine their true track record.”

Alpha Impact differs from other platforms in that it is neither a brokerage company nor an exchange, according to Hughes. He explained, “We’re a technology platform meant to link directly to our customers’ exchange accounts.”

The Benefits

He claims that this provides them with two advantages. For starters, they do not require users to deposit money into their investment accounts. “Second, unlike other platforms like eToro and Robinhood, we don’t need to settle trades on the back end. Which means we’ll never have to disable buying of specific investments during volatile market conditions, “he added.

In addition, Hughes claims that Alpha Impact, unlike other copy-trading platforms, promotes traders to become major influencers. As well as facilitating contact between followers and traders. Its mission is to “empower consumers to benefit from cryptocurrencies by offering an educational platform. Where traders can explain their trading tactics and debate industry developments. “

The platform also has its own cryptocurrency, which is utilized in every transaction to get reductions on the transaction fee. Customers can also stake tokens to gain access to premium insights from elite traders. As well as see trades and the exact tokens each trader is holding, according to Hugues. He also mentioned that Alpha Impact will be starting an NFT series soon.

Hughes stated that the company’s consumers are mostly 19 to 35 years old. It qualifies young professionals, with a nearly equal ratio of men and women.

Other Platforms

“The main source of frustration for most people is that they’ve worked out. Also on how to earn cryptocurrency but aren’t sure what to do with it. ” They’re inundated with information: some news outlets predict that bitcoin will fall. While others predict that SHIB will rise. It’s a complicated media ecosystem, and our clients are having a hard time separating fact from fiction,” he continued.

“While YouTube and other sites are rich with knowledge, learning to trade is extremely difficult,” Hughes said. “We all want to trust an expert, yet in such a fragmented market. We’re also developing a solution that we’ve always wished for. As well as the capacity to discover an expert and filter through the noise.”

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